All the COVID Changes to Droid Building at Droid Depot

The Droid Depot has always been a popular experience at Galaxy’s Edge. Travelers are able to build their own custom R Series or BB Series droids. We wanted to find out what the all COVID-19 changes to droid building would be and how they would affect the experience.

Droid Depot Greeters

As you enter the Droid Depot you are still greeted by Cast Members, but now they are wearing masks and or face shields. One of the Cast Members has an iPad and can check you in or help you make a reservation. We were able to walk right in without a reservation. But we encourage you to make a reservation ahead of time just to be safe.

The Beginning of the Process

When travelers arrive, check-in, and are ready to build they choose which droid they want to build. The experience cost $99. A Cast Member will take your payment and then guide you to a number of the floor where you will choose the parts for your droid.

Choosing Your Parts

Once builders choose which droid they want to build they are given a basket with a blueprint for the assembly. The first step in the droid building process is to choose the parts you want for your droid. The parts still come by on a conveyor belt. As the parts go by travelers simply pick what they need. If you get confused in the process a Cast Member is nearby to assist.

All the parts come in a variety of colors. Builders can mix and match different colored parts or they choose to keep their droid in one color pattern. As you collect the pieces you put them in the basket provided. When all the pieces have been collected a Cast Member will show you where to go next.

Walk to Building Station

New dividers have been added and a small queue has been set up to help with social distancing. Social distancing markers are on the floor to keep builders 6 feet apart. At the end of the dividers, another Cast Member will direct you to a numbered station. All stations are clearly marked with a number and a red rectangle on the floor for builders to stand-in. A small divider has been placed between stations. In the past, there were more stations to build on but with social distancing precautions in place now the spaces are more limited.

Dividers and taped off red rectangles are some of the changes to droid building at the Droid Depot.
Dividers and small queue at the Droid Depot

Assembling Your Droid

Once you arrive at your build station a Cast Member will instruct you what to do. The build process is pretty much the same. The first thing we did was take all the parts out of the basket and place them on the build station. The Cast Member is available if you get stuck or need help. The directions are still posted on the build station and are fairly easy to follow. The screwdriver tool is still available to use to secure your droids parts.

Once all the parts you collected are assembled the Cast Member helping you presents you with a couple more pieces for the front of your droid. You can choose whatever colors you want or stick to something that matches your droid. All of the surfaces and tools are sanitized in between uses.

Activating Your Droid

Once your droid is built it goes through the activation process. Builders still push the big red button to begin the process. Once everything is done the Cast Member helping you will show you how to use the remote, help you test out your droid, put your droid in a box. After that, you are done and you are free to go.

Overall Changes to Droid Building

All of the COVID-19 changes to droid building do not affect the overall experience. Social distancing precautions are in place but they don’t change the experience at all. The only changes we observed were the addition of the dividers and the small queue, the numbered spots on the floor so you can choose your droid parts, the numbered stations with the addition of the red rectangles for builders to stand in, the dividers between build stations, and the limited number of build stations.

Face coverings are required at all Disney Parks and must be worn during the droid building process. Cast Members in the area are also wearing masks and or face shields. Hand sanitizer is also available at the entrance so you can sanitize before and after the experience.

Full Experience Video

For a full walk-through of the new experience, check out our video below or on YouTube.

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.


  1. Do you know if they will still hold your droid for you after you are done building (and playing a little) with it? I read that covid restrictions include no longer holding packages at front gate or delivering packages to your hotel. I’m concerned about having to carry the droids around all day and what we’ll do with them when we are going on rides, etc.

    1. No, they do not hold your droid for you. If you can make your appt at the Droid Deport for later in the day so you don’t have to carry it as long. Studios is also a smaller park and one trick we use is just taking the stuff back to the car and just reenter the park. If you do have to go earlier it’s not too bad going on rides and stuff with it.

  2. dear Droid Depot at Galaxy’s Edge can i buy droid online from u online and ship for me to hungary?

    1. You can buy a few pre-made options on but you cannot create a custom droid like at the Droid Depot.

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