Galaxy's Edge Balc Series figures are available at Tatootine Traders

Target Galaxy’s Edge Collection Figures Found at Hollywood Studios

If you’ve struggled to find the Target Galaxy’s Edge collection figures, you’re not alone. In a bit of irony, you...

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New Legacy Lightsabers Coming To Galaxy’s Edge

As part of Disney’s big announcement this morning that Galaxy’s Edge merchandise is coming to shopDisney, it was announced that...

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Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise coming to shopDisney

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected Galaxy’s Edge in a variety of ways, but this is one we didn’t necessarily...

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Comics Corner: 9/16/2020

The middle of the month is jackpot week for Star Wars comics. Both the main series and the ever-popular Darth...

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Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Trailer Released

Facebook, the company behind Oculus, unveiled a new Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge trailer today at Facebook Connect. The upcoming...

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The exterior of Savi's Workshop at Galaxy's Edge in Florida

Savi’s Workshop Reservations Now Available in Florida

Starting at approximately 6 am Eastern, Savi’s Workshop reservations for Disney World in Florida have opened. The workshop itself, where...

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