Top 10 Facts From The Lightsaber Collection

Lightsabers are iconic weapons in the Star Wars Universe. Here are the top 10 facts from the Lightsaber Collection book....

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From a Certain Point of View The Empire Strikes Back Stories and Characters Revealed

Del Rey Publishing just revealed the characters, story order, and stories titles to the highly anticipated Star Wars novel From...

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Comics Corner: 9/16/2020

The middle of the month is jackpot week for Star Wars comics. Both the main series and the ever-popular Darth...

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Comics Corner: 9/9/2020

It’s only natural that we start off a new weekly feature on an extremely slow week for Star Wars comics...

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Portrait of Wyl Lark on a background of starfighters

Alphabet Squadron Victory’s Price Revealed (with cover art!)

The final book in the Alphabet Squadron trilogy of novels was announced yesterday by Nerdist. We’ve known the book was...

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Dark Legends cover art

Dok-Ondar’s Connection to the Dark Legends Book

Dok-Ondar’s connection to the Dark Legends book is interesting. Disney is slowly adding more content containing Galaxy’s Edge references. Dark...

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