REVIEW: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 5, Gone with a Trace

The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 5 kicks-off an arc focusing on Ahsoka Tano. The last time Ahsoka appeared in an episode of the Clone Wars was at the end of season 5 in “The Wrong Jedi.” We only hear her voice one other time on the series at the end of season 6 in episode 12, “Destiny.” Ahsoka making another on-screen appearance is a big deal for the final season of the series.

Brief Synopsis

The episode begins with Ahsoka cruising above the surface of Coruscant. She crash lands on a platform in the dark underbelly region known as Level 1313. There we are introduced to Trace and Rafa Martez. Trace takes Ahsoka in and helps her repair her speeder.

The Martez sisters are leery of the Jedi. Trace even questions if the Jedi started the war. Rafa gets involved in a questionable deal involving binary load-lifter droids. One of the droids ends up wreaking havoc throughout the district, causing Ahsoka and Trace to chase and stop it.

Stepping up for a Friend

Ahsoka stopes a punch bare-handed
Ahsoka catches a thug’s punch with her palm

Trace has an older sister Rafa. She is the type of person to do anything for a quick buck and do whatever is necessary to survive. Rafa is mixed up with some questionable characters and owes money to a moneylender named Pintu. Rafa has failed to pay Pintu and he comes looking for his credits with two henchmen. When he arrives Rafa is nowhere to be found but Trace is there with Ahsoka. Trace tells Ahsoka to stay out of it. Pintu’s henchmen attack and Trace quickly becomes overwhelmed. Ahsoka steps up and demonstrates her abilities. 

Since leaving the Jedi Order Ahsoka has refrained from using the Force and even ditched her lightsabers. She tries to keep a low profile but in this instance, Ahsoka does two things that show what she can do. Right as she is getting involved to defend Trace she catches one of the henchmen’s fists mid punch. She catches him by surprise and then launches into some advanced martial art type moves. It’s been a while since she had to fight but she still knows how to get the job done. 

A Tough Choice

Ahsoka uses the Force to pull a speeder to safety in Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 5
Ahsoka Force-pulls a speeder to safety

Ahsoka is faced with the dilemma of saving her new friend Trace by using the Force or letting her fall to her death. Without much hesitation, Ahsoka uses her Force abilities and saves her friend. 

When Ahsoka left the Jedi Order she made a promise to herself to leave that life behind. As much as Ahsoka wants to be a loner because of the danger she is in. She can’t turn off that very human quality of wanting friends. Everywhere she ends up she makes a friend or two. 

The Evolution of Ahsoka

Ahsoka gives Trace a concerned look in The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 5
Ezra saw this look frequently in Rebels

I found it interesting that Ahsoka ends up on Coruscant and meets two young ladies that are similar to her in a few ways. Trace is the Ahsoka of the early years on The Clone Wars series. Trace is hopeful and a little naive. She doesn’t give herself enough credit and is more powerful in her situation than she thinks she is. Ahsoka has these same characteristics at the beginning of the series. Rafa is like Ahsoka after shes survived everything she has been through and transitions into a more important role with the Rebel Alliance. Rafa is fearless, tough as nails, and willing to do whatever she has to survive. This is the Ahsoka of Rebels. 


This episode was a good starting point. It’s the first episode of the arc so it’s meant to reintroduce us to Ahsoka and get us familiar with a cast of new characters. I like Ahsoka as a character and I’m happy to see that the conclusion of the series includes more of her story. I want to see how the rest of her story unfolds in the coming episodes.

I give The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 5, Gone with a Trace, a 7/10. The episode kicks things off while providing some new insight into the general public’s view of the Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars.

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.

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