REVIEW: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 6, Deal No Deal

Deal No Deal is the second episode in the arc featuring Ahsoka. This episode builds on the plot of the arc but it also heavily focuses on character development. We get more insight into Trace, Rafa, and of course Ahsoka. Episode 6 of Clone Wars Season 7 also gives us more understanding of how people in the underground of Coruscant live their daily lives.

Brief Synopsis

Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 6 opens with Trace working on her ship, The Silver Angel. Ahsoka is still working on her speeder with no real plan of what the future holds. Rafa comes to Trace with a job. She needs Trace to pilot for her as her previous hire bailed. Ahsoka is hesitant to get involved but against her better judgment tags along. 

Rafa gives them the details of the job once they are on the ship and Ahsoka gets worried. She explains that they are traveling to Kessel to pick up a shipment of Spice and then deliver it to the Pykes. Ahsoka tells Trace that if they get involved with the Pykes very bad things can happen, including losing the Silver Angel.

Trace becomes fixated on the fact she could lose her ship to the Pykes. In a moment desperation Trace dumps the Spice cargo into hyperspace. They try to trick the Pykes into The three of them are then left with the dilemma of figuring out what to do. 

Character Development

In the episode, we get a few new insights into the characters. We see more of their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. I found a few key moments during the episode to be enlightening. 


Ahsoka makes a realization during her conversation with Trace at the beginning of the episode. Trace asks Ahsoka about her training as a mechanic, asking specifically if she went to an academy to get formal training. Ahsoka is taken aback by this question and answers vaguely, but truthfully. We all know at this point that Ahsoka trained for many years to be a Jedi and that her master was Anakin Skywalker, who was a world-class mechanic, taught her a thing or two. 

Ahsoka quickly shifts the questioning to Trace. She asks Trace if she ever attended an academy to be a mechanic and is confused by Trace’s response. Trace goes on to explain that in the lower levels of Coruscant there are no academies and even if they did exist, she wouldn’t be able to afford one. Ahsoka seems to have a hard time understanding that not everyone is as privileged as she is.

Anakin with his eyes closed, reaching out to Ahsoka through the Force
Anakin senses Ahsoka flying nearby

The second moment I thought was eye-opening was when Rafa, Trace, and Ahsoka are flying in the ship on their way to Kessel and because of Trace’s inexperience end up in a restricted military lane instead of a regular transport lane. They are hailed by Admiral Yularen and told to get out of that area as soon as possible. They fly by a tower where Anakin happens to be. Yularen is there with him asks Anakin if he should send troops to arrest them. Anakin takes a minute and senses Ahsoka. She has a moment on the ship where she clearly senses him too. While this takes place in the timeline before Rebels, it echoes the scene in Rebels season 2 where Ahsoka first learns that Anakin has become Darth Vader.


I want to take a minute to look at Trace as a character. This episode contains several moments revealing Trace’s character. Her inexperience in both life and piloting gets the trio into a jam. Trace is incredibly naive about the ways of the world. Rafa must keep a close watch on her when it comes to leaving the garage.

Trace makes a fool of herself during Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 6
Trace brags during the Kessel banquet

A few things stood out to me about Trace in this episode. When they arrive on Kessel and are greeted with a banquet Trace cannot stop talking about her fast ship. Rafa finally has to remind her to stop talking. The biggest moment that highlights Trace’s character is when Ahsoka says to her that the Pykes can take her ship if they are crossed. Trace throws a child-like tantrum and without thinking, she releases the Spice containers into hyperspace. She doesn’t think of the consequences of not having the cargo when they arrive at the Pykes. All she thinks is that she can’t lose her ship. 

When they arrived at the Spice factory to pick up the shipment Trace made a comment about how many droids were working there. Ahsoka quickly corrects her and tells her those aren’t droids those are people, most likely slaves. Rafa and Trace can’t even believe that things like that go on in the galaxy and that the Republic doesn’t do anything to stop it. 


Rafa attempts to con the Pyke gangsters
Confidence can only take Rafa so far

In the previous episode, we learned that Rafa is a hustler and will do just about anything for a quick buck. In Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 6, we learn just how far she will go. Rafa doesn’t share all the information about this job upfront. She waits until they are already on their way before she reveals the details. Rafa has to know in the back of her mind that getting Trace involved in her business is not a good choice. Trace says earlier in the episode that their parents “split” and never came back. Rafa seems to have practically raised her. Rafa is looking out for Trace but she’s looking out for herself more. She leaves Trace out of the loop on purpose to protect her, but she also wants to have all the power. 

Just like Trace, Rafa is naive to the world. She has more street smarts but lacks the common sense to know that she is way out of her league when it comes to dealing with the Pykes. Even when Ahsoka comes up with a plan to save them from a terrible fate, Rafa doesn’t ask questions because in the end she just wants to get paid. 


I don’t think this episode added a ton to the plot but I like that it elaborated on the character’s personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. It gave great insight into the characters and what we can expect from them going forward. I’m excited to see what else will be revealed in this arc and how things will play out with this trio.

I give The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 6 a 9/10 for deep character development that really expands our view of Ahsoka Tano.

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