Darth Malak Funko POP!

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The Darth Malak Funko POP! is a special edition of the Star Wars Funko collection. Darth Malak is technically a legends character. He is featured in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR as many hardcore fans refer to it. Darth Malak also makes appearances in comic books and is briefly mentioned in a few novels such as Darth Plagueis.

The Darth Malak Funko POP! has a very unique look. Malak looks like a Sith lord. The dark gray around his eyes truly gives him an evil look. The silver mouthpiece adds to his sinister look. Malak wears the metal shield on his face from his upper lip down, to protect a lightsaber injury that completely severed his lower jaw. A wound that had been given to him by his Sith Master, Darth Revan.

The detailing on his clothing pairs well with his crimson lightsaber. The Darth Malak Funko POP! was exclusively available at Gamestop but can now be found at several other retailers such as Amazon.

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.

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