Disney Gallery Finale Reveals Galaxy’s Edge Mandalorian Easter Egg

Even in the season (series?) finale of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, we’re getting never-before-known info on the show’s connections to the greater Star Wars galaxy. In today’s episode, Executive Producer Dave Filoni revealed that in season 1, chapter 6, “The Prisoner,” a Galaxy’s Edge Mandalorian easter egg exists but it’s not what you’d expect.

X-Wing Interceptor

Adam & Lindsey in front of the X-Wing at Galaxy's Edge in Florida
Adam & Lindsey in front of the X-Wing at Galaxy’s Edge

As you make your way through the Resistance camp in Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World in Florida, you’ll notice the X-Wing on a platform near the Resistance Supply shop. It’s often being maintained by Rey or Chewbacca and is a fantastic photo opportunity. Today we learned that the X-Wing is actually screen-used…in The Mandalorian.

Prior to its transport to Florida, the show’s production borrowed the ship as they needed an X-Wing cockpit for the episode’s finale. According to Filoni, who also plays pilot Trapper Wolf in the scene, the cockpit had to be redressed as it had already been prepped for the Florida weather and was completely missing the seat.

The entire episode is packed with details about the various callbacks and references the show makes to different parts of the Star Wars universe. We were waiting for a Galaxy’s Edge Mandalorian easter egg and we were not disappointed with this surprise!

You can watch all eight of the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian episodes now on Disney+.

Adam Soucie
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