Picture Walk: Disney Springs Has Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Merchandise 7/19/20

The Empire Strikes Back is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Disney along with Her Universe has created some great Empire and Clone Wars inspired looks. Disney Springs has Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary merchandise at the Star Wars Trading Post and Star Wars Galactic Outpost. We stopped by the shops to get a first-hand look.

Star Wars Trading Post

The first t-shirt we spotted was Clone Wars inspired. It features characters from season 7 of the popular animated series including Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the Bad Batch. The t-shirt is priced at $36.99.

Season 7 Clone Wars t-shirt

On the same wall as the Clone Wars t-shirt was a season 7 Tano Trooper t-shirt. You may remember at the end of the season in the final arc right before Order 66 was executed Ahsoka Tano returns and the clones honor her by painting their helmets with markings like hers. This t-shirt is priced at $36.99.

Tano Trooper t-shirt

We spotted one last Ahsoka inspired look while at Star Wars Trading Post. This Her Universe t-shirt features the name Tano in orange letters across the front. The blue and white striping mimic Ahsoka Tano’s montrals. This t-shirt is priced at $36.99.

Ahsoka Tano inspired t-shirt

The Star Wars Trading Post also had Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary apparel. We spotted t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, long sleeve shirts, and a pullover. The pricing ranged between $34.99 – $39.99.

Disney Springs has Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Merchandise
Star Wars themed mini backpacks and toys

The Star Wars Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs also had an Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars inspired t-shirt for kids. The t-shirt features Ahsoka in a battle-ready pose with her green lightsaber ignited.

Star Wars Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs
Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars kids t-shirt

We also saw Her Universe apparel celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. Including a tank top, leggings, t-shirt, a men’s button-down shirt, sweatshirt, and sweatpants.

If you get a chance to go to Disney Springs check out the two Star Wars shops. The merchandise is always changing and new items are added all the time. You can also find Star Wars merchandise online at shopdisney.com. If you are a Disney Annual Passholder right now they are offering an additional 10% off making the total discount 30% on merchandise.

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.

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