Galaxy’s Edge Minecraft Is Live

We all miss our regularly expeditions to the Outer Rim world of Batuu. COVID-19 may be keeping us from Black Spire Outpost for now, but one enterprising group of Minecraft fans has given us the next best thing! Galaxy’s Edge Minecraft is now live on the Imagineering Fun Minecraft server!

Explore Batuu – Block Style!

The Spaceport…Minecraft Style

The entirety of Disneyland Park is available to wander around in on the server, including Galaxy’s Edge. Rides and park icons have all been recreated, giving you the chance to explore the spaceports and marketplaces of Batuu like never before.

Server Issues

The Galaxy’s Edge Minecraft content is new to Imagineering Fun’s server, but it has come with some drawbacks. It launched on February 28th, but the coronavirus outbreak and resulting park closures have left Disney fans (ourselves included) looking for their fix elsewhere. As a result, the new content is so popular that it is overwhelming the server with users.

In a statement posted on their Facebook Page, the Imagineering Fun team said: “Due to a massive influx of players a lot of people won’t be able to join, we’re sorry about this and are working on a fix, but this will take time. Thank you all for your support and understanding¬†

Connecting to Galaxy’s Edge Minecraft

Once the server issues are resolved, you’ll be able explore Galaxy’s Edge Minecraft all day. For all of your setup and connection information, check out the official Imagineering Fun website.

Adam Soucie
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