Picture Walk: Merchandise is Now Available in Different Locations at Galaxy’s Edge

Merchandise is now available in different locations at Galaxy’s Edge. A lot has changed since Galaxy’s Edge reopened last month. Many of the experiences, restaurants, and shopping locations have been modified to keep everyone safe in this new COVID-19 world. Disney has reopened almost everything at Galaxy’s Edge with a few exceptions. Recently Disney has been moving some of the merchandise to compensate for shops not being open. Here are all the changes you need to know when you plan your next trip.

First Order Cargo

First Order Cargo was not reopened when the park opened after the shutdown in July. We wondered why this shop wasn’t available. We suspect that this is due to a staffing issue because of the limited amount of Cast Members working in the area. The shop isn’t open all the time and the hours seem to be limited.

When we went to Galaxy’s Edge on August 5th the store was open. The store is following a similar protocol to the market with allowing limited guests in the store at one time. In the market it’s one party at a time but at First Order Cargo they were allowing two parties at a time.

Social distancing markers were in place and a line was formed to keep track of the next party to enter the store. A Cast Member was present at the entrance to make sure distancing rules were followed. There was also a hand sanitizer station at the entrance.

Black Spire Outfitters

Black Spire Outfitters is the stall in the market that sold Jedi and Sith robes along with other Disney bounding looks. Disney’s costume policy outlines that in Galaxy’s Edge guests are not allowed to wear robes, masks, or carry blasters. So much of the merchandise sold in the stall was not permitted in the park.

Resistance Merchandise is now available in different locations at Galaxy's Edge. Guest can find Resistance items at Black Spire Outfitters.

The Resistance encampment was not reopened when the park reopened in July. The Resistance encampment is an open-air kiosk style store. Disney has not reopened this type of store throughout its properties since the COVID-19 shutdown. Guests were not able to purchase Resistance merchandise in the park.

Disney found a solution to the problem. The Jedi and Sith robes along with some of the other merchandise from Black Spire Outfitters was removed from the stall and replaced with Resistance merchandise. So now guests can buy t-shirts, hats, and other Resistance collectibles at Black Spire Outfitters.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities has always been one of our favorite places to stop by when we visit Galaxy’s Edge. The store is more than a store it’s a walk through Star Wars history. The items on display on the upper balcony are a sight to be seen. Dok’s collection is extraordinary.

Dok-Ondar’s has undergone some changes since the reopening of the park. Before the shutdown guests packed into Dok’s mostly to see the Legacy lightsabers. Legacy lightsabers are modeled after iconic Star Wars characters lightsabers. Guests got a chance to look, hold, and pose for pictures with the lightsabers. Disney needed to reduce the crowds in order to follow social distancing rules.

Disney was not able to bring back the Savi’s Workshop experience due to a disagreement between Disney and the Actors Equity. Hopefully, soon a solution can be found and the experience can be brought back. But in the meantime, Disney is using the Savi’s space to display the Legacy lightsabers. Guests enter the workshop and get a chance to view, hold, and try out the many Legacy lightsaber options.

Dok-Ondar’s recently added the Jedi and Sith tunics, belts, and more Disney bounding looks to its inventory. All of these items were previously sold at Black Spire Outfitters in the market.

We anticipate more changes to take place at Galaxy’s Edge and throughout Disney parks in general. Disney just recently announced reduced park hours after September 8th. Disney is constantly finding out what is working and what isn’t. As time goes on new policies and procedures will most likely be put in place.

Full Video Experience

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Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.