New Galaxy’s Edge Books Confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is a virtual con this year, which means all of us get to watch the panels as they happen (or were pre-recorded). Today, Lucasfilm held their publishing panel. While the panel didn’t really give the major announcements SDCC is known for, we did get a few tidbits about Galaxy’s Edge books that have previously been discussed or expected.

Myths & Fables: Galaxy’s Edge Edition Confirmed

Cover to Myths & Fables, Galaxy's Edge edition

Far too often, books are announced and cancelled without a second thought. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing all kinds of publishing delays and cancellations, there was concern the previously announced Galaxy’s Edge exclusive edition of Myths & Fables by George Mann would suffer that cruel fate. Not so!

Not only did we get confirmation that the book is coming later this year, we also learned it will contain six new stories and illustrations including one featuring a young Darth Maul on Dathomir and yet another Batuuan legend.

The cover was also unveiled, but not the full binding. The overall design is meant to be in-world, so that it feels like an artifact from Black Spire Outpost. We’ll be sure to pick that up when it is released and do a full review.

The Art of Galaxy’s Edge Book Announced

The Art of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge cover

Written by Amy Ratcliffe, The Art of Galaxy’s Edge is the latest art book for Star Wars fans to devour. If you’ve wanted to see oodles of concept art from Batuu, this is the book for you. Perhaps it will provide a glimpse into what we’ll see in the future as Disney’s budgeting woes improve?

The book releases sometime later in 2020.

Adam Soucie
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