Picture Walk: New Star Wars Merchandise at Five Below, Spirit Halloween, TJ Maxx, and the Magic Kingdom 9/7/20

Our weekly shopping adventure got expanded this week because of Labor Day weekend. We took a trip to a few stores that we typically don’t visit along with our weekly trip to one of the Disney Parks. We found some incredible finds and wanted to share them with you.

Our first stop was Five Below at The Loop in Kissimmee, Fl. We haven’t been to this store in a while and wanted if they had anything new. Surprisingly we found a lot of new Star Wars merchandise. Everything from toys, magnets, posters, and even t-shirts. Plus you can’t beat the prices at this store with everything being $5 or less.

New Star Wars merchandise at Five Below at The Loop in Kissimmee

Five Below also had a large selection of Star Wars t-shirts. Some of them were available at the store but they could also be ordered online through the $5 Tee Shop.

There was a big focus on Baby Yoda and merchandise featuring him was not hard to find. We found pillows, kids headphones, stickers/decals, and even a POP!

At Five Below we also found Baby Yoda socks, keychains, mini buttons, and a Halloween mask.

At Spirit Halloween we spotted a few Star Wars Halloween costumes. Both costumes were for kids and we Baby Yoda and Yoda themed.

We also found two Baby Yoda coffee cups. One featured Baby Yoda on a wanted poster and the other was shaped like Baby Yoda in his hover pod.

At our next stop we went to TJ Maxx not expecting to find anything Star Wars related but to our surprise we found four different pieces of Baby Yoda wall art. These art pieces were only $12.99 each.

On our weekly trip to Disney, we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom and stop by our favorite store The Emporium. We found only a few new items on this trip. We found new Baby Yoda inspired ears for $29.99 and a few Mandalorian themed magnets.

If you get a chance to visit Five Below, Spirit Halloween, TJ Maxx, or the Magic Kingdom make sure you check out all the new merchandise. Halloween is coming next month and there are sure to be a lot of Baby Yoda and Star Wars themed items.

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.

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