New Star Wars Squadrons Animated Short Released

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The marketing push for Star Wars Squadrons, releasing next month, has begun in full. Today, EA released an animated short called “Hunted,” produced in conjunction with Motive, the studio behind the game, and ILM.

The new Star Wars Squadrons animated short features TIE Leader Varko Grey in a thrilling dog fight with an unnamed X-Wing pilot. The short offers a great setup to the overall mood of the game, making it clear that while most think the war ended when the Death Star II exploded, for many it meant the Galactic Civil War had only just begun. Grey is one of the featured characters in the game’s campaign mode, which will switch between the Empire and Rebellion.

The short also highlights the kinds of piloting maneuvers you’ll be able to make as both an X-Wing and TIE Fighter pilot. Some of the moves feel straight out of Poe Dameron’s playbook as seen in the opening of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Just how difficult those moves will remain to be seen, but they are definitely unlike what we’re used to in Star Wars space combat games.

The full short is available on YouTube. It also features some of the cosmetics available in the game that you can only get by pre-ordering Star Wars Squadrons. The game releases on October 2

Adam Soucie
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