NEW The Child Funko POP!

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The new The Child Funko POP! features The Child in a pouch. This adorable POP! has Baby Yoda stowed away in a pouch or canvas bag. His little hands are peeking up over the sides. Baby Yoda could not be any cuter.

Back of the new The Child POP!

Ever since the first appearance of Baby Yoda fans has fallen in love with his cuteness. This Funko POP! is no exception. The pouch he is in is really detailed. Funko nailed everything from the buckles to the straps. The is a large gold round metal symbol on the front of the pouch. The back of the POP! even features the flap to the pouch.

NEW The Child Funko POP! feature Baby Yoda in a pouch.

Most Funko POP! are fairly light but this one has some heft to it. The new The Child Funko POP! is available at retailers such as Walmart and Hot Topic. Don’t miss out on this one it’s a great addition to the Baby Yoda Mandalorian collection. Check out our full YouTube video here.

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