REVIEW: Green Milk Bread Pudding

Bright Suns, travelers! The Milk Stand recently added three new breakfast items to their menu, Green Milk Bread Pudding, Saka Farms Egg Bite, and the Wampa Yogurt Cup. Despite the not so appealing name we decided to try the Green Milk Bread Pudding.

Presentation & Packaging 

The presentation of the dish was not that remarkable. It looked just like the name says – a traditional bread pudding look but with a swirl of green to top it off. The dish was served in an aluminum bowl to retain the warmth and placed on a plastic plate. There was no special theming to the presentation, at least when I tried it, which was a little disappointing.

A close-up of green milk bread pudding
A closer look at the Green Milk Bread Pudding


The dish is a sweet bread pudding cooked in cardamom, honey, and Green Milk. Green Milk was definitely present in this dish everything from the color of the pudding itself to the swirl of the Green Milk frosting on top. This bread pudding actually tastes a lot like a traditional bread pudding, with cardamom the star of the show. There was a layer of honey on the bottom that added additional sweetness. Additional cardamom crumble is sprinkled on top, adding texture to the dish and giving it a cinnamon-like flavor.


I enjoyed this dish a lot. I am a fan of bread pudding and this one did not let me down. The Green Milk connection made me hesitant at first, but honestly, I could not taste much of the Green Milk influence. That this dish was served warm it gave it that something extra that I was looking for. I also had my picky eater husband try it and he liked it as well.


Overall, this dish was delicious and I highly recommend trying it whenever to travel to Batuu. Even if you’re afraid of Green Milk, give this one a shot!

You can pick up this delicious treat at the Milk Stand for only $6.49 during breakfast hours.

For more, check out our video review with taste reactions from the kids!

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