REVIEW: Wampa Yogurt Cup

Bright Suns Travelers! The Milk Stand recently added three new breakfast items to their menu, Green Milk Bread Pudding, Saka Farms Egg Bite, and the Wampa Yogurt Cup. We made it to Batuu in the early morning recently and were able to try the Wampa Yogurt Cup.

Presentation and Packaging

The presentation of this dish was nothing short of fantastic! Any foodie would agree that at the price point of $6.49 the presentation alone makes this dish worth trying. The toppings are set to one side as well so as to not hide the yogurt. Disney snacks don’t often have such a flair for presentation! The cup is served in an aluminum bowl on a non-themed plastic plate.

A close-up of the yogurt cup and fruit topping
A closer look at the yogurt and fruit topping


This vegetarian-friendly yogurt cup is made from plant-based coconut milk yogurt and Green Milk. Topped with seasonal fruit consisting of honeydew melon and cantaloupe, it also includes mint leaves and nuts.


The yogurt was not sweet, it had more of a Greek-style flavor with the texture of traditional yogurt. It had a bitterness to it. I could definitely taste hints of Green Milk in each bite. The fruit, mint leaves, and nuts added additional texture and sweetness to the smooth consistency of the yogurt.

I was not a fan of this breakfast choice. I enjoy a yogurt most of the time but this yogurt was too bitter for my liking. The fruit adds a little sweetness but in my opinion, it wasn’t enough. I could have done without the mint leaves. They added a weird texture that I didn’t feel was necessary and the mint flavoring didn’t work for me. My kids tried this dish as well. Both agreed that it was too sour. As beautiful as the presentation was, the yogurt lets you down in the taste department. If Disney made this dish with the Blue Milk instead the added sweetness of the Blue Milk would make the yogurt work.

Overall, I was disappointed with this dish and would not recommend trying it.

If you’re brave enough, you can pick up this treat at the Milk Stand for only $6.49 during breakfast hours.

For more, check out our video review with taste reactions from the kids!

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