Savi’s Workshop Reopening Soon?

The Walt Disney Company announced today that all cast members and their family members will now receive free COVID-19 testing. This was a major hurdle in the negotiations between Actors Equity and Disney. Now that that hurdle is clear, Equity has signed the memorandum of understanding with Disney, clearing the path for performers to return to work and Savi’s Workshop reopening.

No Set Date

We do not have a date for Savi’s Workshop reopening as this announcement came just a short while ago. I have reached out to our sources at Disney and Actor’s Equity and they have confirmed that official statement is all they know at this time. Expect more news soon as Disney figures out scheduling and restarts the reservation process.

For more on the issues between Actor’s Equity and Disney, check out our previous coverage.

Adam Soucie
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  1. So any news yet on Savi’s Workshop returning? I have a trip planned for mid October and I really want to build a lightsaber

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