IDW Announces Shadow of Vader’s Castle Comic

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Shadow of Vader's Castle cover showing Vader's hands bursting through lava with the black castle in the background

IDW Publishing, the all-ages publishing partner for Star Wars comics, announced a new one-shot comic written by Cavan Scott called Shadow of Vader’s Castle. Continuing the recent October tradition of horror-themed Star Wars comics from IDW, the one-shot continues the tales of Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar.

The full solicitation is as follows:
“The Empire has fallen, and the Mustafarians celebrate. But they know they will never be safe as long as they live in the shadow of Vader’s Castle. Two young boys decide they’re going to destroy the castle themselves. But a wizened old Mustafarian tries to put them off by telling them tales to teach them the lessons they might otherwise have to learn the hard way.”  

Based on the cover unveiled today showing a $3.99 price, the series was originally planned to be a mini-series. The solicitation reveals a $7.99 pricepoint indicating the series has either been condensed or just collected as a one-shot comic.

The one-shot releases on October 14th, 2020. A week prior (Oct. 7th), a hardcover edition of the first two Tales from Vader’s Castle series will release. Both mini-series were previously available as trade paperbacks.

Adam Soucie
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