Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Today live on EA Play we got a first look at the Star Wars Squadrons gameplay trailer. The gameplay trailer built off of the official trailer that was released on Monday, June 15th. Squadrons, launches on October 2, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and virtual reality. The game is the first major Star Wars flight game released in years and the first for this generation of consoles.

The Cockpit Controls

The trailer gave us a first look at the in-game cockpit controls. The display screens inside your ship show sensors, components, laser charge, ship status indicator, combat display, power management, and speed indicator/throttle. Squadrons sounds like the game all Star Wars fans have been waiting for. A chance to actually fly your favorite Star Wars ships. Ian Frazier from Motive studios says “we want to let players sit inside an X-wing or TIE fighter and really feel like they’re there, with a level of control and fidelity that makes the whole experience feel real.” 

TIE Fighter cockpit controls

Solo Play

Most new games cater to the Multiplayer audience. Star Wars Squadrons is made for this type of game experience but also incorporates a single-player story mode.  The game takes place shortly after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and players will experience the story from the perspective of both the New Republic and the remnants of the Galactic Empire. 

Players get to develop two different characters at the start of the game giving them a glimpse of the Empire’s Titan Squadron and New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron. As the game progresses players earn cosmetic upgrades to their ships.

Prepare for Battle

In order for players to earn their wings flight time in all eight ships is a must. The ships come in several different categories fighters (TIE Flighter, X-Wing), intercepters (TIE Interceptor, A-Wing), support ships (The Reaper, U-Wing), and bombers (TIE Bomber, Y-Wing). Everything you need to customize your pilots and ships can be unlocked by just playing the game. There are tons of cosmetic upgrades and over 50 components that alter how your ship flys, fights, and survives.

Multiplayer Modes

Star Wars Squadrons is designed to play with friends. Squadrons is a first-person 5v5 multiplayer dogfight style game. There are two different modes that players can test their skills in.

Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay Trailer
Gameplay action from Star Wars Squadrons

Dogfight Mode

Dogfight mode is an all-out 5v5 battle. Players get a chance to fine-tune their skills by using components like tractor beams, turrets, and mines to slow enemies down and prepare your team for the kill. 

Fleet Battles

Fleet battles are multistage battles that can be played solo or with friends. Players have the option to play against other players or AI as a squadron of five. Teams coordinate in a social hub to work out a strategy that can be taken out on to the battlefield. The battle comes in stages a dogfight, attack or defend a capital ship, and finally, destroy your opponent’s flagship. At each stage, your squadron either pushes forward or falls back to defend. 

Special Appearances

The trailer for Star Wars Squadrons featured a few special appearances. One we saw before in the official trailer and just got another glimpse and the other was exciting for Star Wars book fans. 

Hera Syndulla

We got a look at Hera Syndulla in both the official trailer and the gameplay trailer. Hera is an important part of the Rebel moment and is featured in the Star Wars animated series Rebels. In the gameplay trailer, she appearances as a hologram and gives instructions to a pilot. She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who does her voice on Rebels. 

Hera Syndulla

Admiral Rae Sloane

Also in hologram form is Admiral Rae Sloane. She was instrumental in its survival in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor. She is an important character in several Star Wars books. She is featured in A New Dawn, the Aftermath trilogy, and Alphabet Squadron just to name a few.

Admiral Rae Sloane
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