Maul appears as a hologram talking to Pyke leaders in Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 8

REVIEW: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 8, Together Again

The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 8, “Together Again” is the final episode in the Martez Sister/Ahsoka arc. As suspected...

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Yoda gestures towards a temple door

Top 5 Clone Wars Stories So Far

The end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is upon us. So far, the final season has been fantastic and...

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A large droid stands over a helpless family ready to attack

Did you catch the Forces of Destiny Easter Egg in this week’s Clone Wars episode?

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars went live on Disney+ today. It kicks off a new story...

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Ahsoka Tano standing in front of a ship

Is Rosario Dawson coming to The Mandalorian as Ahsoka Tano?

The coronavirus may much of the world in its grasp, but Star Wars soldiers on! Today, news broke via Slashfilm...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian, Chapter 2 – The Child

After that big reveal, we thankfully only had to wait 3 days for a new episode of The Mandalorian! How...

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Boba Fett as he appears in the 1978 Star Wars holiday special

All the Holiday Special References in The Mandalorian Chapter 1

Prior to the release of The Mandalorian on Disney+, series creator Jon Favreau joked that he wanted to make a...

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