The Mandalorian Original Novel Announced

The Mandalorian Original Novel Author, Adam Christopher

Announced today as part of a new Mando-focused publishing program, a brand-new The Mandalorian original novel is coming in December 2020 from writer Adam Christopher. The adult level novel will be published by Del Rey.

The Mandalorian Original Novel is untitled…so far

As the placeholder cover suggests, there is no title just yet. While this is somewhat surprising for a book coming out in 6 months, it could be because the title, cover, and synopsis are too revealing in regards to the events of The Mandalorian‘s upcoming second season. The season is scheduled to launch in October of 2020, so pending the release date plus an assumed 8 episode season (like season 1) would put the finale in December. With the novel also releasing in December, it suggests the novel explores whatever happens in the season.

Who is Adam Christopher?

Christopher is a multi-genre author originally from New Zealand but currently lives in Great Britain. He has a wealth of experience in writing for licensed and sci-fi properties including a tie-in novel for the Sherlock Holmes show Elementary and the Dishonored series of video games. Christopher is no stranger to Star Wars either, having written stories for both the original From A Certain Point of View short story collection and the upcoming Empire Strikes Back-focused edition.

When pre-orders and additional information become available, we’ll let you know.

Season 1 of The Mandalorian is currently streaming on Disney+. Season 2 is expected in October, 2020.

Adam Soucie
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