Top 10 Mandalorian Funko POPs

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The Mandalorian is getting ready to debut it’s long awaited second season on Friday, October 30th. As a way to celebrate the upcoming second season premiere we decided to share what we think are the top 10 Mandalorian Funko POPs. We took into consideration popularity of the characters, limited availability, and uniqueness into account while making this list.

10. Cara Dune

There are a few Cara Dune options when it comes to Funko POPs but we chose Cara Dune with Gun as our number 10 choice. Cara Dune is an interesting character who brings another dynamic to the Mandalorian show. Dune is originally from Alderaan and acted as a shock trooper during the Galactic Civil War. On the Mandalorian, her military days are behind her and now she works as a mercenary.

The Cara Dune with Gun POP is incredibly detailed showing off her muscular body and her Rebel Alliance face tattoo. The look on her face says it all she is ready to take on whatever danger comes her way.

9. IG-11

IG-11 is introduced to us in the first episode of the Mandalorian. He is a bounty hunter droid on a mission to find The Child for the former Imperial known only as The Client. The Mandalorian is not going to let IG-11 hurt Baby Yoda so he puts a quick stop to that plan by shooting IG-11. IG-11 is later reprogrammed to take care of Baby Yoda working more as a nanny than a bounty hunter.

The IG-11 Funko POP is a great representation of the droid. Funko is captured every detail of IG-11 everything from his individual finger joints to the detailing on his gun. I really like the weathered look that the droid has. It really gives him a more authentic look.

8. Kuiil

Kuiil was a great character on the show who brought a little humor with his one liner “I have spoken”. Kuiil may have been a supporting character but he played a big role. He helped the Mandalorian build the Razor Crest after the Jawas dismantled it, negotiated with the Jawas to get all the ships parts back, and ended up sacrificing himself to save Baby Yoda and for that fans will be forever grateful.

The Kuiil Funko POP is a perfect likeness to the character. This POP is one of only a few that has a full face with a nose and a mouth. I love the little details like his whiskers and the wrinkles on his face. Those elements bring the POP to life.

7. The Mandalorian 2019 Fall Convention Funko Exclusive

The Mandalorian or Din Djarin has become such an iconic character because of the show. At first the audience couldn’t tell if he was on the side of good or evil. He started off being a bounty hunter hired by the former Imperial The Client to find a mysterious lifeform and bring it back. Once he realized what The Client was up to he had second thoughts about turning over Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian 2019 Fall Convention Funko Exclusive is not easy to come by. This POP was one of the more difficult ones to find in our collection. This POP has so many great features the weathered helmet and the attention to detail of his outfit and weapon.

6. The Mandalorian and The Child

The Mandalorian and The Child over the course of season one have become family. Mando seems to think of Baby Yoda as his child and responsibility. The first season spends a lot of time developing their relationship. I can’t wait to see what unfolds in season two.

One of the most iconic scenes from season one is when The Mandalorian is walking while Baby Yoda floats next to him in the rocky desert. The Mandalorian and The Child Funko POP really captures that moment and lets fans put in on display. I really like the clear plastic piece that makes it look like Baby Yoda is actually floating.

5. The Mandalorian on a Blurrg

One of the more memorable creatures featured on The Mandalorian is the Blurrg. Kuiil teaches the Mandalorian to tame the Blurrg and use it as a form of transportation. The creators of the show have always said that The Mandalorian is a lot like a cowboy and what cowboy wouldn’t be complete without a horse. The Blurrg steps in and fills that role.

The Mandalorian on a Blurrg Funko POP showcases that cowboy feel by showing The Mandalorian riding on the Blurrgs back. I like the way that Mando is looking off to the side seeming to be scanning the terrain in front of him as he rides. I love the detail of the saddle and Mando’s grip on the saddle horn.

4. 10 Inch Mandalorian and The Child

The Mandalorian and The Child’s relationship grows a lot over the course of season one. Mando becomes a lot more of a father figure to Baby Yoda. He takes him into his care and by the end of the season has promised to search the galaxy to find where he came from.

The 10 inch Mandalorian and The Child POP is a great addition to any collection. Not only is it incredibly detailed but it features the Mandalorian wearing his shiny beskar armor. This POP unlike a lot of others gives us more of a scale view of the Mandalorian and The Child. In my opinion, Baby Yoda is extra adorable being carried around by Mando.

3. The Mandalorian wearing Beskar Armor

Most of the earlier Mandalorian Funko POPs feature the Mandalorian wearing his worn-out armor from the beginning of the show. This POP shows the Mandalorian wearing his beskar armor. It also shows him with his rifle out to the side instead of secured behind him.

The Mandalorian Funko wearing beskar armor was one of the first times he was featured as a POP wearing it. The shiny beskar armor gives his look a much needed upgrade much like it does on the show.

2. The Child with Cup

We don’t know much about arguably the cutest Star Wars character ever. All we really know is that he is the same species as Yoda, he is 50 years old, and that he is strong with the Force. I am hoping that season two of the show will fill in more of the gaps we have with this characters backstory.

The Child with Cup Funko POP captures a moment from that show wear The Child is seen standing up holding a cup of broth and slowly sipping it. That moment made many fans fall in love with this iconic character.

1. 10 Inch The Child

Baby Yoda has captured the attention of just about everyone. You don’t even have to be a Star Wars fan to recognize this iconic character. The mystery behind his origins has fans and critics guessing what will be revealed in the upcoming season.

The 10 inch The Child Funko POP gives collectors and fans alike a chance to own a life-size Baby Yoda. The details of this 10 inch POP are nothing short of remarkable. Funko really captured the look of Baby Yoda from every head wrinkle, the ear coloring, and the texture of his outfit.

All of the Funko POPs featured in this article are available for purchase at retailers like Amazon. Be sure to check out season two of the Mandalorian on Disney+ Friday, October 30th.

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