What is the High Republic Era?

Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi book cover

Ahead of the Project Luminous announcement tonight, one of the books leaked and revealed The High Republic Era is the focus of this new Star Wars storytelling project. But what is the High Republic era? When did it take place? How does it tie into other parts of Star Wars? Not much is known about the era, but we’ll detail it all here.

High Republic Era Timeline

There has yet to be a canon explanation of the exact timeline for the High Republic era, but we can ballpark it around 400 years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY). We expect more details to be unveiled at tonight’s big press event.

*UPDATED* According to tonight’s press event, the era is set roughly 200 years before the prequel trilogy films, so about 250 years BBY.

This timeline is relevant because it takes basically every known Star Wars character off the board…except one. Jedi Grand Master Yoda was at about the middle of his lifespan and could factor heavily into this mixed media series. It makes sense to have a link, but not one that is burdened by continuity and familial bonds like the Skywalkers. Perhaps this is where we finally get the answer to what Yoda – and The Child’s – species is called.

Canon References to the High Republic Era

The official Star Wars canon barely references the High Republic. In fact, it wasn’t even officially named the High Republic until this year. In both cases, the mention came in comics written by Charles Soule, Star Wars, volume 3, issue #2, contains a mention of the High Republic as a time of great exploration. Discoveries in that era may prove key to the safety and survival of the Rebellion.

Soule’s The Rise of Kylo Ren, issue #2, also references the era’s exploration. There, Luke Skywalker, Ben Solo, and Lore San Tekka find a High Republic Jedi Temple in the Outer Rim, but are ambushed by the Knights of Ren before being able to explore it.

Though not specifically named, the era also appears in flashback sequences of the audio drama Dooku: Jedi Lost as part of a discussion of rare Jedi artifacts connected to the Dark Side.

When Will We Know More?

Soon. Very soon. Project Luminous is being unveiled tonight, with the first project, Light of the Jedi, already leaked. The novel by Soule will be released on August 25th.

We’ll have all of the latest Project Luminous and High Republic news as we get it.

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