Ahmed Best Reveals Kelleran Beq Lightsaber Details

Ahmed Best reveals Kelleran Beq lightsaber details on The Star Wars Show. The host of the upcoming series Jedi Temple Challenge told The Star Wars shows Anthony Carboni, that he was given the freedom to develop his character by coming up with mannerisms and a back story. He was also offered the opportunity to build his lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop at Galaxy’s Edge.

According to Ahmed’s Instagram account, he did not take the responsibility of creating his lightsaber lightly. The inspiration behind his lightsaber had to do with the balance of peace and justice. Best chose purple as the color of his blade because of the balance between the red and blue kyber crystals. Ahmed decided to add a large piece of leather to the hilt, big enough for one hand. He took inspiration from a Filipino Martial Art that he studies called Escrima and Musashi Miyamoto, an ancient Japanese swordsman, for a one-handed style of fighting. 

Best posted on Twitter that the pieces of Kelleran Beq’s lightsaber are pieces that are available to everyone at Savi’s Workshop. His philosophy when it comes to teaching is that all types of learning should be accessible to everyone. Even lightsaber learning. Ahmed says that at Kelleran Beq’s core he is a teacher.

Keleran Beg on Jedi Temple Challenge

Ahmed nicknamed Kelleran Beq, the bladed hand for his effectiveness with the one-handed lightsaber style and the empty hand which wields the Force simultaneously like another lightsaber. He also said on the Star Wars Show that he drew inspiration for Beq from his character in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Achk Med-Beq. On the show, he reveals that the two characters are related but he doesn’t go into details.

Achk Med-Beq in Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Jedi Temple Challenge premieres June 3rd on YouTube, on the Star Wars Kids channel.

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