REVIEW: Baby Yoda With Pendant Funko POP

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The Baby Yoda with Pendant Funko POP is the latest release from New York Comic-Con. Baby Yoda has become more and more of a break-out star of the Disney+ Mandalorian series. Funko has taken full advantage of his popularity and released several adorable POP figures. The Child with Pendant Funko POP is no exception.

The Box Sticker

The box sticker for The Child with Pendant POP features a 2020 New York Comic-Con exclusive limited edition sticker. This is a unique feature because the previous Mandalorian Con exclusive POP has a 2019 Fall Convention limited edition sticker.

A Clan of Two

In the season 1 finale, Redemption The Mandalorian is seriously injured and believes he isn’t going to make it. He entrusts Cara Dune to take care of Baby Yoda and gives her a Mythosaur pendant. The pendant will prove to other Mandalorians that Mando sent them to seek help.

The Baby Yoda with Pendant Funko POP captures part of that moment and helps solidify that Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian are a clan of two. Baby Yoda is wearing his light brown tunic and wearing the pendant. He is holding the Mythosaur charm in his tiny hand.

Baby Yoda with Pendant Funko POP

The details were absolutely nailed by Funko. Every wrinkle, fold, and texture give the POP a life-like look. As Funko has released more Baby Yoda POPs the details and looks become more perfect. My favorite parts of Baby Yoda are always his eyes and ears. His black eyes are wide and have a gleam to them that make them look real. The coloring inside his ears is spot on from the show.

Where can I get this POP?

The Baby Yoda or The Child with Pendant POP is available at retailers like Amazon. On Amazon, the price is currently $15.00. This is a limited edition POP so it will only be available while supplies last.

8 Great

The life-like look of this POP combined with the cuteness of Baby Yoda makes this POP more than worth buying for any fan. For this reason, I give this POP an 8/10.

Lindsey Soucie
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