Character of the Day: Cara Dune

Carasynthia Dune may not say much, but she doesn’t need to. Her presence alone helps get stuff done. But the former Rebel shock trooper is more than just a pretty face and muscles. As Han Solo liked to say, she’s got it where it counts.

Rebel at heart

Portrait of Cara Dune
Dune has a Rebel Alliance symbol tattooed on under her left eye

Dune fought with the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. She’s a fighter, performing shock trooper duties after the Battle of Endor. Unlike other rebels who tended to blend in for safety, Dune wore her rebellious side on her sleeve. Literally. Her tattoos on both her arm and face signify her past with the Rebellion. This complicates matters when she and The Mandalorian Din Djarin need to confront an Imperial Remnant leader.

Cara Dune’s rebellious streak runs so strong that when the Rebel Alliance became the New Republic, she left the military. Not wanted to become a glorified security guard, she struck out on her own to be a mercenary.

Justified Imperial hatred

Plenty of Star Wars characters have good reasons to hate the Empire. Cara Dune’s reason is better than most. She’s from Alderaan. The destruction of her home planet by the first Death Star is likely what led to her joining the Rebellion, although many Alderaanians were already part of the movement prior to their planet’s destruction. Her history with the Empire fuels her, driving her to accept a dangerous job with Djarin simply because it gives her the opportunity to kill more Imps.

Dune’s history as a rebel shock trooper also proves helpful in the Season 1 mission to Nevarro as she’d previously been part of a Rebel Alliance/New Republic siege there. Her intel helped Din plan the landing site and attack, ultimately giving them the opportunity to convince Greef Karga to join their side. After the mission succeeds, Dune stays on Nevarro to join Greef Karga as his personal muscle, and that’s where we find her in the upcoming season.

Played by Gina Carano

The role of Cara Dune is played by former MMA fighter Gina Carano. Carano has been an action star for about a decade now, dating back to 2011’s Haywire. Prior to The Mandalorian, she was best known (as an actor) for her role in Deadpool. Carano performed all of her own stunts during the show, including fights.

Carano/Cara Dune will feature in at least one episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, as shown in the trailer. Hopefully this season we won’t have to wait until the fourth episode to see this fantastic character again.

Adam Soucie
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