Batuu 101: Droid Depot

Ever wanted to build your own droid? I mean who doesn’t want their own R-Series droid like R2-D2 or a BB-Series droid like BB-8. The Droid Depot allows you to do just that. You can also shop for accessories to customize your new droid.


The Droid Depot is located in the Black Spire Outpost area of Batuu. If you are coming from the Galaxy’s Edge entrance you will go past the X-Wing and keep to the right of the Market entrance. Go past Ronto Roasters and across the way of the left is the Droid Depot. If you are coming from Smugglers Run you can either go back up the stairs and go past Dok-Ondars Den of Antiquities located on the left. The Droid Depot would be on your left past Savi’s Workshop. 

The Atmosphere

As soon as you walk into the Droid Depot you are greeted by a local Batuuan. If you are building a droid this Batuuan can check you in or create a reservation for you to return at a later time. You can also just enter the Depot and shop and check things out. One of the first things you will notice is a conveyor belt above you with lots of droid pieces hanging from it. You will see pieces of R-Series droids, BB-Series droids, and 3PO droids like C-3PO. 

It’s very nosy inside the Droid Depot. In the center of the shop is the building area. You can stop and watch people select their droid parts and assemble the pieces are different stations. The retail side has various shirts, hats, pins, and droid accessories. There is a locked cage next to this area that has a KX-Series security droid (K-2SO from Rogue One), 2-1B Surgical Droid (one of them helped revive Anakin SKywalker now Darth Vader after his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi), MSE-Series droid (mouse droid).

 In a second room, there is more merchandise including t-shirts, pins, keychains, and kitchen tools all featuring various droids. You can even pose with a lifesize model of R2-D2 for a holoscan or if you have an extra $25,000 credits laying around you can buy one. 

What Can I Buy?

Various Keychains: $9.99 – $12.99

Minature Droid Figures: $9.99




GNK Power Droid

Custom Droid Parts

R-Series Tool Kit – $12.99

R-Series Blaster Attachments – $17.99

R-Series Jet Attachments – $17.99

R-Series Colored Droid Decals – $7.99

R-Series Serving Tray – $17.99

R-Series Accessory Panels – $12.99

Astromech Personality Chips – $14.99

Astromech Droid Carrier – $39.99

R-Series or BB-Series Droid – $99.99

  • The Droid
  • Carrying box and instructions
  • Remote control

The Experience

Building a droid typically requires a reservation. If you come during peak hours the local Batuuans who work at the Depot may be able to schedule you for later in the day. We went later in the evening and were able to walk right in. Once you have selected the type of droid you want to build whether it’s an R-Series or a BB-Series then you proceed to the checkout area. After you checkout with a local Batuuan, you are given a basket containing a blueprint of all the pieces you need to gather in order to build your droid. We chose to build an imperial BB-Series droid. 

The blueprint told us we needed a dome, dome connection plate, body sphere, and a motivator. The pieces come by on a conveyor belt. You have to decide what color and style you want to build. We chose a purple BB-Series with white and black accents. 

Once we had all the parts in our basket it was time build. A local Batuuan showed us to a building station. She gave us brief directions and told us if we had any issues to push a button located on the building station. The building station has assembly instructions on it. Our padawan built the droid for us and we recorded the entire experience. She ran into some trouble and we had to push the help button. The local Batuuan showed up shortly after and helped her finish the process. 

When the droid was built it needed to be activated. The droid is then placed in the activator and a series of lights light up as the droid completes different stages of the activation process. When the droid is finally activated it looks around at you and makes various droid noises. The local Batuuan showed our padawan how to use the remote control and then went get us a carrying box for the droid. Our padawan was able to play with the droid on the building station until she returned. We put the droid and the remote control into the box and took it to the Droid Playground, which is located right outside the Droid Depot, where we could officially test it out. 

Here’s the video of our full experience:

Overall, We really enjoyed the building process. Our padawan had a great time putting the droid together. She is 8 years old and did end up needing help from the local Batuuan but we were pre-occupied documenting the experience so we couldn’t help her ourselves. The droid is fun to play with and not that hard to control. We ended up naming our droid FZ-BT, which is short for FuzzButt. We plan on taking the rest of our padawans to the Droid Depot soon so they can build their own droids. If you are planning a trip to Batuu make sure you stop by the Droid Depot its a fun family-friendly experience.

Adam Soucie
Adam has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember, dating back to watching the original trilogy on VHS and collecting his first action figures with the Power of the Force launch in 1995. His favorite character is Kanan Jarrus, and his favorite piece of Star Wars is the Rebels animated series.