Batuu 101: Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina is a unique spot on Batuu in Black Spire Outpost and is very popular with both locals and travelers. Oga Garra is the owner of the cantina and has her hands in a lot of the goings-on in the area, but everything runs through her cantina. The cantina serves a variety of local beverages for younglings and adults alike.  

Oga Garra


Oga’s Cantina is located in the Black Spire Outpost area of Batuu. If you are coming from the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge you will want to head toward the Market, which is just past the X-Wing on the left. Go through the Market and make a left at Ronto Roasters. Walk towards the staircase and go down the stairs.

Hang a right at the Millennium Falcon and Oga’s is located on the left-hand side. If you are coming from the First Order area make a left at the Milk Stand and walk straight ahead. Oga’s is located on the right-hand side. Oga’s is one of the only places on Batuu with a sign the words “Cantina” can be read on the outside of the building.

The Atmosphere

Oga’s Cantina is an exclusive place in the Black Spire Outpost. If you want to visit Oga requires you to make a reservation using the My Disney Experience app. Once inside travelers get to experience a very unique environment, I would say it is a mix of a speakeasy and a space-age futuristic bar. The cantina is shaped like a half-circle. The booth style tables are located around the outer edge of the circle. The middle of the circle contains high top tables were travelers stand to enjoy their drinks and the center of the circle is where the actual bar is located. The bar area also does not have seats it’s standing room only. 

The bar is the centerpiece of the cantina. The drinks are all pre-mixed and come out of various taps. The taps all have a themed handle that goes with the drink name. For example, the Cliff Dweller, which is a drink that comes in a Porg shaped cup has a handle on the tap of three porgs stacked on top of one another that appear to be carved out of wood. The cup that the drink comes in has a wood carving look as well. 

The bar looks like it was pieced together in a makeshift kind of way there are lots of hoses and parts attached to the bar ceiling that appear to be powering the cantina. Oga also has a few surprises in her cantina she has a wart in an aquarium above the bar, a few blaster bolt holes on the walls surrounding the bar, and a resident DJ in the familiar RX-Series droid R-3X aka Rex. Rex plays a variety of exclusive to the cantina dance songs including the Kra Mer 5 song Una Duey Dee, which everyone is the cantina chats parts of giving the cantina a fun atmosphere. 

What Can I Buy?

Ogas’s offers several alcoholic and non-alcoholic concoctions for travelers of all ages. All of the drinks are have fun Star Wars themed names and some of them come in exclusive glasses that travelers get to take back to their home planet. 

Fuzzy Tauntaun – $16.00: Ciroc Peach Vodka, Bols Peach Schnapps, Simply Orange with Tangerine, pure cane sugar, topped with Buzz Button Tingling foam. I tried this drink and it has a distinct citrus flavor. The drink is really sweet but has the citrus tang to cut some of it. The Buzz Button foam is interesting. The foam made my lips tingle for about an hour after I drank it. As tasty as this drink is I was not a fan of the foam and how it made my lips feel. 

Bespin Fizz – $18.00: Bacardi Superior Rum, Yuzu puree’, Pomegranate juice, White cranberry juice, and Cloud Swirl. This drink is very tasty but mostly tastes like cranberry juice with a splash of pomegranate mixed in. I did not taste any alcohol. The drink comes in a tall glass with a false bottom that is vented inside the glass inside that false bottom is a piece of dry ice that gives the drink the “cloud” effect. The dry ice gives the drink a bubbling effect as well but that bubbling effect does not translate to your mouth when you drink it. 

Jedi Mind Trick – $15.00: Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit and Rose Vodka, John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum, Bols Blue Curacao, White grape juice, Lime juice, and Grapefruit bitters. 

Rancor Beer Flight – $85.00: A sampling of each beer served in a souvenir board with four rancor teeth cups. The beers included are Gold Squadron Lager, White Wampa Ale, Gamorrean Ale, and Bad Motivator IPA. These beers are also available individually without the Rancor Beer Flight. 

  • Gold Squadron Lager – $13.25
  • White Wampa Ale – $14.25
  • Gamorrean Ale – $13.25
  • Bad Motivator IPA – $13.25

Cliff Dweller – $35.00: Citrus juices, coconut, Hibiscus-grenadine, Seagram’s ginger ale. This drink is served in a souvenir porg mug. I tried this drink on our last visit to the cantina. The citrus flavors are muted. The drink is sweet and gets extra sweetness from the grenadine. The ginger ale has a limited taste as well. Our biggest complaint about this drink is the amount of ice. There is a ton of crushed ice cubes in this drink. The ice takes up a lot of space and you do not end up with much actual drink. 

Oga’s Obsession – $7.50: Odwalla Lemonade, Cotton candy flavor, Blueberry popping pearls, and a bursting dried fruit mixture. This concoction is non-alcoholic. I was hesitant to try this “drink” because the picture on the menu gives it a weird Petri dish look. This “drink” is actually gelatin. The gelatin is blueberry and cotton candy flavored. On top of the gelatin are the blueberry popping pearls which are basically Pop Rocks, dried fruit pieces, and a garnish of cotton candy. I really enjoyed this tasty treat. It has a fun texture with the popping pearls and dried fruit. I highly recommend this drink to any traveler planning a trip to Oga’s Cantina. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Oga’s Cantina is a fun place to experience but there are a few things we want to make travelers aware of:

  • All the drinks at Oga’s are pre-mixed. So you cannot get a drink without a particular ingredient.
  • Reservations are not easy to come by and in the vast majority of cases, you need one in order to visit. You have to make them using the Disney World website, the My Disney Experience App or by asking a local Batuuan outside of the cantina.
  • There is a 45-minute maximum time limit
  • There is limited seating and if you do sit at a table you will be seated with other people
  • 90% of the tables in the cantina are standing
  • Special mug drinks can be purchased without the mug at a reduced price, but are still served in the mug to keep the experience

Overall, my thoughts on Oga’s Cantina are that it’s a one time experience kind of thing. The drinks are pricey, it’s loud with all the people and music playing, and you have to sit with strangers or stand even though you have a reservation. We took one of our padawans with us the first time we went.

Even though it’s a family-friendly establishment at the end of the day it’s a bar and there are not that many children inside. It’s hard to move around because of the crowd and there is no restroom inside. If you have to use the restroom the closest one is past the Milk Stand. You can obtain a pass from a local Batuuan outside of the cantina in order to return. 

The Story

Oga’s Cantina is owned and operated by Oga Garra. Oga is a female Blutopian. There isn’t much that happens in the Black Spire Outpost that Oga isn’t aware of. Allegedly Oga is a crime boss that conducts both legal and illegal business out of her cantina. She has an ear to the ground and knows everything the Resistance and the First Order are up to.

Some of the local Batuuans serve as spies for her and help keep her informed. We also heard a rumor that Oga was in a relationship with a Wookie named Dhorian and after he cheated on her, he suddenly disappeared, leaving his wood carving stand in the Market vacant. 

Longtime parks-goers will also recognize DJ R-3X. He has a new paint job, but that is the same Captain Rex from the original version of Star Tours! At some point in his travels with Star Tours, he crash-landed on Batuu and was salvaged by Mubo, the owner of the Droid Depot, before being given to Oga to pay off a debt. 

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.