Kylo Ren intimidates the guests on Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Times Changed

From the very beginning, obtaining a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance has been a stressful experience. When the...

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X-Wing at Galaxy's edge

Galaxy’s Edge Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We get a lot of questions about the changes that Disney has put in place at Galaxy’s Edge since the...

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First Order Officer and Guest Have a Staring Contest

All the COVID Changes to Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance is easily Disney’s most popular attraction right now. Many have experienced this attraction and rave about...

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Inside the Droid Depot

All the COVID Changes to Droid Building at Droid Depot

The Droid Depot has always been a popular experience at Galaxy’s Edge. Travelers are able to build their own custom...

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The exterior of Savi's Workshop at Galaxy's Edge in Florida

Savi’s Workshop Closed By COVID…Sort Of.

The original Savi’s Workshop lightsaber building experience, a hallmark of the pre-COVID era of Galaxy’s Edge is currently unavailable. While...

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Goofy float in a mini parade at the Magic Kingdom

Disney Has Less Magic But is More Magical

Disney Parks are officially reopening this week but some experiences are missing. Disney has less magic but is more magical....

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