COVID-19 Changes to Food and Beverage at Galaxy’s Edge

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of the Galaxy’s Edge experience including food and beverage. The food and drink options have not changed but the process is different. Here are the COVID-19 changes to food and beverage at Galaxy’s Edge that you can expect on your next trip.

Mobile Orders Only

The biggest change you can expect is all food and beverage locations are mobile orders only. Even locations like the Milk Stand require a mobile order. Guests can no longer walk inside a quick-service restaurant and order food from the counter. Signs are posted outside all food and beverage locations reminding guests that they must use the mobile ordering system. 

On the mobile ordering signs is a QR code that will take guests directly to the mobile ordering system in the My Disney Experience app. Menus have also been eliminated and replaced with QR codes.

In case you weren’t aware iPhones are equipped with a built in QR code reader. iPhone users just need to open their camera and aim it at the QR code. A link will pop up and take you directly to the app or the menu.

Changes to Food and Beverage at Galaxy’s Edge
Moblie Order Sign

A Cast Member stands at the entrance of all food and beverage locations to direct guests to mobile order. Guests are not allowed inside a restaurant until their mobile order is ready. This keeps the traffic down and makes social distancing much easier.

Social Distancing

Social distancing has become our new normal and dining a Disney even inside Galaxy’s Edge has been effected. Guests are only permitted inside a restaurant if their mobile order is ready. A Cast Member will direct you inside and tell you where to pick up your order. 

Not all tables inside restaurants are available to sit down at. Some have been blocked off with signage indicating that it is not available because of social distancing. Face coverings can be removed while guests are sitting at their table. If you have to get up for any reason your face covering must be put back on. 

Eating on the Go

In the past, guests could grab and a quick bite and walk around while eating or drinking it. Since the reopening of the Disney Parks, Disney does not want guests walking around eating and drinking. Disney’s policy states that you have to be stationary and socially distanced with at least 6 feet between your party and the next while eating or drinking. 

Oga’s Cantina Reservations

Before the COVID-19 shutdown, Oga’s Cantina required reservations but the policy wasn’t always followed. If guests approached a Cast Member out front and there was an opening they would let you in or tell you a time to come back. That is no longer the case. Guests have to use the dining reservation system to make a reservation.

Entrance to Oga’s Cantina

Full Video Experience

For a full video experience, check out our video below or YouTube.
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