Character of the Day: Greef Karga

Nobody likes the boss, but somebody has to keep the trains running on time. That’s Greef Karga. 

Bounty Hunters Guild

As the head of the Bounty Hunters Guild on Nevarro, Karga manages the bounty contracts from a cantina in the city. The trick is there are more hunters than there are contracts. As seen in the premiere episode of Season 1, Karga is also the connect for under the table contracts like the one that sends Din Djarin after The Child.

Karga’s loyalties are largely to the guild and its reputation. It’s why he rallies the rest of the guild against Djarin after The Mandalorian rescues The Child from the Imperials. It’s also (partially) why Karga turns on the occupying Imperials when Djarin returns to Nevarro.

“C’mon, Baby, do the magic hand thing!”

During the journey from the outskirts of the city, Karga is injured in a nighttime attack by flying creatures. The Child uses the Force to heal him and save his life. This gesture of kindness helps convince Karga Baby Yoda is worth saving.

This moment also sets up a hilarious moment in the next episode. As they are escaping Imperial Remnant forces, Karga begs The Child to use the Force again. Not knowing what it’s called, he shouts the now-classic line “do the magic hand thing!” The Child gives him a confused look and just waves at him. 

Combat Carl

Greef Karga is played by veteran actor Carl Weathers. He is best known for his role as Apollo Creed in the Rocky films. Weathers also had memorable roles in Predator and Happy Gilmore. He has also done plenty of voice work, including multiple Toy Story films and shorts as action figure Combat Carl.

Weathers will continue to play Greef Karga in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, but that will not be his only role on the show. He will also step behind the camera this season to direct an episode.

Season 1 of The Mandalorian is streaming now, with Season 2 premiering on Disney+ on October 30th.

Adam Soucie
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