NEW Details Released About VR Experience Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge

New details released about VR experience Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge give us a little more of an inside look at the making of the game. ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm have been hard at work putting together this original VR experience. Many people have taken the trip to Disneyland or Disney World and experienced Galaxy’s Edge firsthand but for those that aren’t comfortable going or simply can’t this game will provide you with an amazing experience on Batuu.

The Story (so far)

We do not know much about the story in this VR experience but what we do know has us intrigued. The basic storyline is you (the player) have crashed landed on Batuu and through a series of choices you make a Guavian Death Gang begins to pursue you. Most of the story is told through stories told to you in the Cantina by the six-eyed bartender, Seezelslak, who is voiced by SNL alum Bobby Moynihan. 

Details Released About VR Experience Tales From The Galaxy's Edge show a Guavian Death Gang lead by Tara Rashin.

Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge takes place between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. The story is original and not just a rehashing of stories you may have read or experienced at Galaxy’s Edge. The director of the project Jose Perez III did not want veterans park-goers to get bored of the experience because they have heard all the stories before. So the stories you hear from Seezelslak are original. 

Disney Imagineers along with Lucasfilm and ILMxLAB took the time to digitally map out Galaxy’s Edge. Making sure to use specific details so they could expand into more of Batuu. Perez says that the Droid Depot was a big focus because the character you play is a droid repair technician. 

Making The Game During Quarantine

COVID-19 has effected every aspect of life in the past few months so it isn’t surprising that the creators of this VR experience had challenges to overcome because of it. Bobby Moynihan had to record his voice work, and facial expressions using an at-home camera setup with the circular ring light typically used for YouTube beauty tutorials. Perez directed the actor over Zoom. 

Familiar Voices

Like any good Star Wars project, you will hear some familiar voices. Debra Wilson who previously did the voice work for Cere Junda in the video game Jedi: Fallen Order is back to do the voice of Tara Rashin, leader of one of the Guavian Death Gang’s cells.

Full Video About the Making of Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

Lindsey Soucie
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