REVIEW: NEW Mandalorian The Mythrol Funko POP!

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The new Mandalorian The Mythrol Funko POP is part of the new wave of Mandalorian POP figures. The Mythrol makes his first appearance in the first episode of Season 1 of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

In the episode, The Mythrol is being pursued by The Mandalorian as a bounty. Later in the episode, The Mythrol starts snooping around the Razor Crest and The Mandalorian freezes him in carbonite and that is the last we hear of him. The Mythrol will appear in Season 2 of the show which begins airing this Friday, October 30th on Disney+.

The POP Details

The Mythrol is a memorable character from Season 1 but because he only appears in one episode we don’t know that much about him. The Mythrol is an amphibious species and this POP! highlights those features. The Mythrol has gill-like ears and ridges on the back of his head with dark blue markings on top of his head that give him a distinct water creature look.

The Mandalorian The Mythrol Funko POP
The Mythrol Funko POP

The Mythrol is wearing a brown flight suit just like in chapter one of the show. The detailing on the flight show is really impressive. The suit itself has gold accents, cargo style pockets, and a belt across the middle. The Mythrol is also wearing gloves and brown boots.

The box for the Mandalorian The Mythrol Funko POP does not have any special stickers or artwork.

This Mythrol POP! has officially announced as part of #MandoMondays. We were lucky enough to find this POP! early at a local comic book shop. It can be pre-ordered through Amazon with an official release date of November 30th.

The Mythrol Funko POP! Figure

8 Great

Though seemingly a throwaway character, the POP! for the Mythrol is fantastic. It offers great details of the face and overall sculpt, but the coloring on the costume is pretty blah. Still, this figure stands out in a sea of Mandos, and that counts for something.

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