REVIEW: LEGO Resistance I-TS Transport

The LEGO Resistance I-TS Transport (set #75293) is featured on the Disney Star Wars themed attraction Rise of the Resistance located in Galaxy’s Edge. We have been anxiously awaiting this set since it was revealed as one of the Summer 2020 sets. On Rise of the Resistance, the Resistance I-TS Transport helps you and other Resistance recruits escape Batuu after the First Order discovers the Resistance hidden base there.

The ship is piloted by Nien Nunb with co-pilot Lieutenant Bek. The set is a 9+ set with 932 pieces. The LEGO Resistance I-TS Transport comes with four mini-figures Vi Moradi, an Astromech Droid, GNK Power Droid, and Lieutenant Bek. the set retails for $99. 

The Build

The build for the LEGO Resistance I-TS Transport was pretty straightforward. The set is designed for 9+ so the instructions were easy to follow. There was a total of 8 bags but there were not that many pieces in each bag. Surprisingly a lot of the pieces are tiny, mainly LEGO Technic Connectors. 

The LEGO Resistance I-TS Transport is a solid build since it has all so many Technic Connectors. Kids 9+ could definitely get some major play out of this set without worrying about damaging the Transport. 

The LEGO Resistance I-TS Transport set box art
Resistance I-TS Transport Box Art

The set took me about 3 hours to build but I was taking my time watching TV. If I would have been more focused it most likely would have taken only 2 hours to build. The instructions were easy to read and follow which I think had to do with the fact that the set is made for kids 9+. 

The Results

The results were an amazing model of a ship from the Star Wars Universe that we have actually seen in real life. We love Rise of the Resistance. It’s not just a ride to us it’s an experience. This set lets us bring that experience home and put it on display. 

I do have a few critiques when it comes to this set. The price of the Resistance I-TS transport is $99 for that price I feel like we should get more mini-figures or at least ones that relate to this ship. Vi Moradi is an awesome character and I’m happy to have a mini-figure of her but she isn’t featured on Rise of the Resistance.

If we are staying true to the attraction where the ship can be seen there should be a mini-figure of Rey, Finn, or Poe Dameron. Nein Nunb is the pilot of the ship on the ride but we end up with Lieutenant Bek. Lieutenant Bek is a bigger part of the attraction but he is not the pilot of the ship. I’m also not sure why LEGO included a GNK Power Droid. Galaxy’s Edge has GNK droids out on display but they are not featured on Rise of the Resistance. 

I also don’t like how little space there is inside the ship. The attraction version of this ship is very spacious but the LEGO model is tiny not even all the mini-figures would fit inside. This set has an age limit of 9+ so kids could very well play with it. There just isn’t any room to play inside especially with the crate that holds two extra blasters inside the ship. 


LEGO Resistance I-TS Transport

8 Great

Overall I give this set an 8/10. I love the concept of this set. We love Rise of the Resistance and having a piece of that at home is awesome. I think LEGO went wrong with the mini-figure selection at least when it comes to the attraction and the playability. There just isn’t enough room inside the ship to play.

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.