Picture Walk: Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Springs and The Disney Store 9/1/20

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We went on our weekly trip and this time we found Star Wars merchandise at Disney Springs and the Disney Store. We haven’t been to the Disney Store at the Florida Mall in a few weeks and were surprised to find a few new things.

New Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Springs and The Disney Store. Baby Yoda Tumblers and a coffee cup.
New Mandalorian Tumblers and Coffee cup

The Disney Store at the Florida Mall has been carrying more and more Star Wars merchandise. We usually can find t-shirts, hats, and toys on display. Today when we went in we spotted some new tumblers and a coffee cup featuring Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian. The tumblers ranged in price from $23.99 – $29.99. The coffee cup was priced at $27.99.

The World of Disney

The World of Disney is one of our favorite places to go at Disney Springs. The store always keeps the latest Star Wars merchandise especially Mandalorian merchandise featuring Baby Yoda. The Star Wars section of the store is always changing and growing in size. Today when we went we spotted new t-shirts, a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, mini backpacks, a jacket, and a Baby Yoda toy.

Disney has been adding some fun shirt designs to their lines a lot lately. The Stormtrooper shirt was fun with cartoonish Stormtroopers and the words pew pew. The Baby Yoda hoodie showcases the cute little guy in black in white with the Mandalorian. The t-shirt was priced at $36.99 and the hoodie was $54.99.

We spotted some new red-toned t-shirts. Lately, Disney has been putting out bright colors for summer but this week the color choices are changing to more of a fall look. The shirts featured Darth Vader $24.99, the Star Wars logo $36.99, and a Rebel Alliance symbol $39.99.

We found this new Star Wars shirt was an interesting black and white swirl pattern. It had a sticker on it stating that the shirts have a unique printing process and that no two shirts are alike. We liked the pattern and it’s kind of nice to know that each shirt is unique in its own way. The shirt was priced at $36.99.

Since fall is around the corner the World of Disney is slowly rolling out long sleeve options. We found this black zip-up Stormtrooper windbreaker. This lightweight jacket is perfect for chilly nights here in Florida. The trooper helmet on the back appears worn giving the jacket a vintage feel. The jacket was priced at $64.99.

We also saw the new Baby Yoda mini back $90.00, mini versions of the Wicket and R2-D2 backpacks $40.00. We also spotted 1 of the 6 new Baby Yoda figurines $9.99. We have previously seen the whole set of these at the Magic Kingdom at the Tomorrowland Power and Light Company store near Space Mountain.

Entrance to Disney Pin Traders

The Disney Pin Traders store at Disney Springs always has new Star Wars pins, MagicBands, and Funko POPS!. On this trip, we saw a few of the Baby Yoda POPS! including the life-size 10 inch version.

There were a few new Star Wars MagicBand options. We even saw a new The Child limited edition MagicBand. The MagicBand featuring Baby Yoda in a much more realistic look. There were only 4000 made so if you are on the look out for one we recommend you get one soon. Limited edition merchandise tends to not stick around too long at Disney.

Star Wars Trading Post

The Star Wars Trading Post is a must stop at Disney Springs for us. The store is always changing and adding new Star Wars merchandise that is typically not available at any other store in the area. They have even been adding some of the exclusive Galaxy’s Edge merchandise lately. On this trip, we saw a few new kid’s t-shirts. The shirts are brightly colored like the Star Wars summer line.

We particularly liked these shirts for their vintage comic book art feel. One shirt featured character names written in comic book fonts for $19.99, Boba Fett $29.99, and Darth Vader from the Empire Strikes Back $24.99.

Galaxy’s Edge exclusive notebooks

We spotted notebooks that were previously only available at Galaxy’s Edge. Since Hollywood Studios is difficult to get into with the new Disney Park Pass system. We wonder if it was part of Disney’s plan to move some of the Galaxy’s Edge merchandise to Disney Springs so that it’s more readily available.

We found a Stormtrooper button-down shirt and new Baby Yoda socks. The Stormtrooper shirt comes in a fun teal color to fit with Disney’s summer line. It features a Stormtroopers and an officer. We a had short visit to the Art of Disney store and spotted a new 3D looking Solo: A Star Wars Story print. The print was priced at $50.00.

Solo: A Star Wars Story print

If you are planning a trip to Disney Springs make sure to stop by the World of Disney, Disney Pin Traders, Star Wars Trading Post, and The Art of Disney for the latest in Star Wars merchandise. We also recommend stopping by the Florida Mall and checking our the Disney Store. There is always new Star Wars merchandise available that sometimes isn’t available at the parks right away.

Lindsey Soucie
Lindsey is a new fan of Star Wars, but since watching all of the movies and visiting Galaxy’s Edge frequently she has become a huge fan. Her favorite character is Darth Vader, and her favorite piece of Star Wars is Rogue One.