Doctor Aphra Audio Drama Announced

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Doctor Aphra’s new comic series is delayed for now, but in a few months you’ll be getting a new story in a new format. Announced today on This Week in Star Wars, the Doctor Aphra audio drama, officially titled Doctor Aphra: An Audiobook Original, releases on July 21st.

What’s the Doctor Aphra Audio Drama About?

The audio drama will take place during the first volume of the Darth Vader comic series by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larocca. Aphra made her debut in that series, and this audio drama will expand on that introduction. Described as an expanded adaptation, we’ll learn more about who Aphra is at the time and why she made a deal with the most infamous villain in film history.

Characters from throughout the Doctor Aphra comic series will appear including Triple Zero, Bee Tee, and several others. New characters were hinted at in the announcement.

Who is Sarah Kuhn?

Doctor Aphra audio drama author Sarah Kuhn
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The author of the Doctor Aphra audio drama is Sarah Kuhn, a new author for Star Wars fans. She has written several novels in her series Heroine Complex as well as a Batgirl graphic novel for DC Comics.

Her stories frequently feature Asian-American characters. Given that Aphra is depicted as Asian, it’s good that the character is being handled by someone who knows that community well.

What’s An Audio Drama?

Audio dramas are relatively new to Star Wars, at least as far as canon material is concerned. So far, there has only been one – Dooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott. Audio dramas differ from standard audiobooks in that they are performed by a full cast instead of being read by a narrator doing additional voices.

How Do I Listen to the Doctor Aphra Audio Drama?

On July 21st, 2020, the Doctor Aphra audio drama will be released “everywhere audiobooks are solid.” If you have a preferred platform for audiobooks, it’s probably going to be on there. We personally recommend Audible from Amazon.

The Dooku: Jedi Lost audio drama script was eventually published as well, but it reads like a play instead of a traditional book. No announcement about a published script was made today, but I won’t be shocked if one comes out later.

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