Did you catch the Forces of Destiny Easter Egg in this week’s Clone Wars episode?

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars went live on Disney+ today. It kicks off a new story arc about Ahsoka Tano‘s life after leaving the Jedi Order. The fan-favorite character meets a woman named Trace and ultimately helps her build and repair some droids for Trace’s sister’s business venture. You may catch an Easter Egg in the droids they’re rebuilding if you watched the YouTube series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

Blast from the Not So Distant Past

A binary load lifter attacks Ahsoka
Good thing she had that restraining bolt!

Just before one of the droids attacks her and escapes, Ahsoka recognizes the droid as a Binary Load Lifter. The “Type 2” load lifters were defective and prone to losing control and becoming violent. This plays out in the episode, but it also occurs in Season 1, Episode 4 of Forces of Destiny. The episode, titled “The Padawan Path,” features Ahsoka saving a mother and child from a Type 2 Binary Load Lifter on the rampage while on her way to the Jedi Temple.

Those kid-focused YouTube shorts have always been canon, but are often forgotten due to their target audience. They still exist on YouTube and are now available on Disney+.

Star Wars has always had fun Easter Eggs to obscure bits of the canon, but I found this one especially fun. Perhaps we’ll see even more references in future material to YouTube-first initiates. Galaxy of Adventures, the latest YouTube series from Lucasfilm, is now producing original content instead of just recaps, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

If you don’t have Disney+, you can check out the full Forces of Destiny episode below:

Adam Soucie
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