LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series A-Wing Unveiled

Exclusive pilot minifigure from the Ultimate Collector Series A-Wing LEGO set

LEGO and Lucasfilm officially unveiled the new Ultimate Collector Series A-Wing starfighter today on The set had been rumored for a while as it was the only major ship to not receive the UCS treatment.

May the Fourth

LEGO traditionally launches a new UCS set on May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, but this set will actually come out a few days before that! The set will become available on on May 1st.

The set features 1673 pieces, including the standard display stand. It also includes a A-Wing pilot minifigure that is exclusive to this set. The figure is unnamed, but fans of Alphabet Squadron may like to pretend it is Wyl Lark.

It is officially labeled as an 18+ set. This fits with most UCS sets that are at least 16+ due to the complexity of the build.

New Box Style

Box for the Ultimate Collector Series A-Wing
New Box Style for the Ultimate Collector Series A-Wing

The Ultimate Collector Series A-Wing doesn’t fully debut a new box style, but it does join the soon to be released helmet sets with a more adult, collector-focused box style. Gone are the movie and TV show themed box art overlays. Instead, we get a clean, black and white design clearly focused on more mature builders. I’m not an in-box collector myself, but this new set might convince me.

No Pre-Orders

With LEGO Brand retail stores still closed due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, you’ll have to pick up this exclusive set on They are not accepting pre-orders at this time, but with only a few weeks to go, you won’t have to wait long to place an order.

Will you be picking up this set?

Adam Soucie
Adam has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember, dating back to watching the original trilogy on VHS and collecting his first action figures with the Power of the Force launch in 1995. His favorite character is Kanan Jarrus, and his favorite piece of Star Wars is the Rebels animated series.

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