Oga’s Cantina Closed Upon Park Reopening

As part of a slew of updates from Disney, we received some unfortunate news today. Initially listed as being open on the Disney Parks Experience Updates page, Oga’s Cantina will NOT reopen as part of the overall park reopenings at Walt Disney World.

A Few Reasons Why

The experience updates page initial listed Oga’s as part of the opened list, but in an update today Disney has removed the wildly popular venue at Galaxy’s Edge. No official reason was given, but we have a few theories…

Cramped Space

If you’ve been to Oga’s, you know just how crowded it can be. The building was designed for social interaction and to feel like a local watering hole. Social distancing was already going to be problematic so removing Oga’s as a potential problem is a smart move. As Disney likes to say, “Safe D begins with Me!”

Large Crowds

The only thing at Galaxy’s Edge more popular than Oga’s is Rise of the Resistance. As a result, long lines formed daily of people hoping to get a chance at a walk-in spot. Those lines are a social distancing nightmare, so removing them as an option keeps everyone safe and prevents cast members from having awkward conversations about not being able to wait.

No Alcohol Allowed

The most likely reason for the closure is that Oga’s is at its core a bar. They don’t serve food save for a few small snacks, and almost every drink contains alcohol. With the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in Florida, the state has temporarily banned the sale of alcohol for consumption indoors. Oga’s Cantina is only an indoor establishment, so even if they were open, the menu would be completely different.

Other Options

The good news is Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Ronto Roasters, and the Milk Stand will be open on July 15th. All three establishments serve alcohol, and all three have outdoor consumption areas so it is expected menus will be relatively the same. We’ll update any changes on July 15th as we’ll be spending all of our time on Day 1 of the reopening on Batuu.

Adam Soucie
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