REVIEW: Cara Dune POP FYE Exclusive Edition

A while back on our Instagram, we did a regular feature called #ToyTuesday. We’re bringing it back starting this week, and pairing it with reviews of Star Wars toys and collectibles here on the site. To kick things off, we take a look at the Cara Dune POP FYE exclusive edition, part of the second wave of The Mandalorian figures now available.

The POP!

This POP! features Gina Carano’s character Cara Dune holding a heavy blaster. The pose is reminiscent of the first promo shot where the character was revealed. That shot and pose are from the season 1 finale showdown with Moff Gideon.

The sculpt itself is rather detailed, particularly on the head. Cara’s braid, woven with a blue band, is barely noticeable in the show, but is well-crafted on the POP! sculpture. The head sculpt is the exact same one as the common figure, right down to the Rebel Alliance firebird logo underneath one eye. The head does appear to be tilted a bit more, but that could be a simple manufacturing variance due to the bobblehead nature of Star Wars POP!s.

After the head, the details continue, and this is where the FYE-exclusive version starts to stand out. The post is completely different, with Dune’s weight shifted to support the heavy weapon. The weapon itself is featured in both POP!s, but in the common version, it is slung on her back.

The key thing here is this isn’t just a repaint of another figure’s sculpt like a lot of exclusives. While there are a lot of similarities, you can see the pose is completely different. This makes this exclusive a bit more special as a result.

Overall, I prefer the exclusive version of Cara Dune to the common one. The pose is much more in-character, and gives a nice reminder of her role in the finale.

Where Can I Buy It?

This POP! is exclusive to FYE, the usually mall-based retailer that has been selling exclusive Funko products for several years. As of this writing, the figure is still available on the FYE website for $15. There are also some available on after-market sites like eBay, but why pay inflated prices when you can get one straight from the source?

Adam Soucie
Adam has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember, dating back to watching the original trilogy on VHS and collecting his first action figures with the Power of the Force launch in 1995. His favorite character is Kanan Jarrus, and his favorite piece of Star Wars is the Rebels animated series.

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