Star Wars Battlefront II Ending Development

EA announced today that with tomorrow’s release of the Battle of Scarif update, Star Wars Battlefront II is ending its development cycle. This is a key moment for Star Wars gamers as it signals the end of a tumultuous era of Star Wars gaming.

What does this mean?

First thing’s first – Battlefront II is not shutting down. The game will still be playable for quite some time, with regular events and in-game challenges keeping the community going. What is going away are new content updates. New heroes and game modes are no longer in development as “the vision for Star Wars Battlefront II is now complete” according to EA DICE Creative Director Dennis Brännvall.

Battle of Scarif Update

The upcoming update adds the Battle of Scarif to the game’s various multiplayer modes. Players can now step into the iconic beach planet’s battle scenes from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The update also enables starfighters in some game modes where they were previously unavailable including Supremacy in the Age of Rebellion.

Kylo Ren, Emperor Palpatine, and Rey get new skins
Rey’s yellow lightsaber from The Rise of Skywalker!

New hero skins from The Rise of Skywalker for Kylo Ren, Emperor Palpatine, and Rey have also been added to the game. Additional Rey and Maul skins can be unlocked after completing in-game challenges.

What comes next?

Star Wars Battlefront II ending development is a momentous occasion for Star Wars gaming. It brings to a close an era that started with controversy but ends with the game being celebrated by its community and many Star Wars fans as it evolved, found its stride, and pumped out regular content updates for free.

While nothing has been announced, the next Star Wars game from EA could be just around the corner. May the Fourth is next week, a day frequently celebrated by product launches and announcements. Could we see EA and DICE a Battlefront III? Or perhaps an entirely new game? We’ll find out in just a few days.

For a full recap of the Battle of Scarif update and Star Wars Battlefront II ending development, check out the latest community update video from EA below.

Adam Soucie
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