Savi’s Workshop Reservations Now Available in Florida

Starting at approximately 6 am Eastern, Savi’s Workshop reservations for Disney World in Florida have opened. The workshop itself, where you build custom lightsabers with the help of a guide, reopens on Sunday, September 20th. The experience had previously been closed due to a dispute between Disney and the actors union.

Park Passes Required

In order to get a Savi’s Workshop reservation, you must also have a valid Park Pass reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios that day. You can make both reservations on In making my reservation this morning, I did experience a few issues with logging in, despite already being logged in. I recommend using Incognito Mode if possible to avoid any browser cookies causing problems.

Filling Up Fast

Reservations for the first three days, September 20th – 22nd, are already completely booked. Oddly enough, Park Pass reservations are still available for the 21st and 22nd. Reservations can be made as far out as 60 days in advance, so make sure you plan ahead. The 60-day window officially opens at 7 am, but as we saw today Disney does occasionally open the gates a bit early.

Adam Soucie
Adam has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember, dating back to watching the original trilogy on VHS and collecting his first action figures with the Power of the Force launch in 1995. His favorite character is Kanan Jarrus, and his favorite piece of Star Wars is the Rebels animated series.