Solo A Star Wars Story Come to Disney+ in July

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Solo A Star Wars Story is coming to Disney+ on July 10th. The movie showcases the life of Han Solo before the original trilogy. Viewers get a chance to see the Sabacc game where Han wins the legendary Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian and witness the famous Kessel Run that Han can’t stop referring to. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story sabacc game
Han Solo at the Sabacc game where he wins the Millennium Falcon

Why was it not on Disney+?

Disney+ launched back in November 2019 and several titles were not included with the service. Not including everything right way is not out of the ordinary. Disney is relatively new to the streaming game and it takes time for existing agreements with other streaming services to expire. Solo A Star Wars Story came out in theatres about two years ago in 2018. When it was released for streaming Disney made a deal with Netflix. So due to their agreement Solo A Star Wars Story could not be included in the launch of Disney+. 

Other Viewing Options

If you are looking to watch Solo A Star Wars Story before July 10th you have a few options. You can still stream it on Netflix, or rent it for a small fee from your favorite digital rental service (e.g., YouTube, Amazon Prime, or Google Play).

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