Batuu Bonds: 5 Solo References and Connections to Galaxy’s Edge

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Fans’ opinions on Solo: A Star Wars Story are mixed, to say the least. Some hate it. Some (myself included) love it and want to #MakeSolo2Happen. Regardless of your opinion on the film, Solo is important for Galaxy’s Edge fans in that it’s the first piece of Star Wars canon to reference Batuu and it’s residents. In the first of our Batuu Bonds series, we look at all of the Solo references you’ll find at Galaxy’s Edge.

Han’s Speeder

Han & Qi’ra escape Moloch in a M-68 landspeeder

Just outside the Toydarian Toymaker, you’ll find a series of speeders hanging from the wall. If they remind you of the old Power Wheels section at Toys ‘R’ Us, you probably had an awesome childhood, because that’s exactly what they are – toy speeders! One of those speeders should look very familiar to fans of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Early in the film, Han and Qi’ra escape Lady Proxima in a stolen M-68 landspeeder. They race through the allies and shipyards of Corellia on their way off-planet as they are chased by Moloch. That blue M-68 speeder is replicated outside Black Spire Outpost’s resident toy shop, waiting for a lucky local child’s parents to buy one. Perhaps it would make a great Life Day gift?

Qi’ra’s Necklace

Qi'ra wearing a gold Crimson Dawn necklace
Qi’ra reconnects with Han at Dryden Vos’s party

During the scene at Dryden Vos’s party, Qi’ra and Han run into each other after not seeing one another for years. Qi’ra is wearing a large gold necklace. It may just seem like an ordinary gold necklace but to eagle-eyed fans, it’s the bottom half the Crimsom Dawn symbol. Darth Maul is also wearing a pendant with this symbol on it when he makes his appearance at the end of the movie.

The Crimson Dawn symbol can be seen in a few spots at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. It is hidden on a supply crate in the shop’s upper level but is much more prominent on the store’s shelves. The very neckless worn by Qi’ra is available for sale, making this the rare Solo reference you can bring home with you from Batuu.


Have you been attentive to Dok-Ondar? Very.
Qi’ra questions if a waitress has been attending to Dok-Ondar

At the same party, Han and Qi’ra make their way through the party when Qi’ra stops to get a drink from a female server. She asks the server if she “has been attentive to Dok-Ondar”. The server replies with “very.” This Solo reference marks the first official mention of Galaxy’s Edge in Star Wars canon, both chronologically (for now) and historically.

Dok-Ondar is a prominent resident of Black Spire Outpost and the proprietor of Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Treasures from throughout the galaxy are available for sale, including lightsabers of the same designs as the galaxy’s greatest heroes and villains.

L3-37 Quote

L3-37 leads Lando and the Solo crew to the Millennium Falcon
L3-37 leads Lando and the Solo crew to the Millennium Falcon

While leading Lando, Qi’ra, Han, Beckett, and Chewbacca to the Millennium Falcon, Lando’s droid companion L3-37 says, “You couldn’t get from here to Black Spire without me, now you’re gonna make the Kessel Run?” L3 had no idea just how important she’d be on that infamous trip. She was fatally damaged during the slave uprising (that she started) on Kessel. Lando scoops her up and vows to repair her, but when the group gets stuck in a tight spot trying to escape the Maelstrom, Han convinces Lando to download L3’s neural core, which contains her navigational data, into the Falcon’s navicomputer.

This move allows L3 to find a way out and save the day. More importantly, it means L3-37 still lives on inside the brains of the Falcon. Every time you ride Smuggler’s Run, she goes along for the ride and makes sure you get to Corellia and back.

Smuggler’s Run

A ship flies away from an exploding mountain
A trainload of coaxium explodes on the mountainside

Speaking of Smuggler’s Run, while it uses a different story, Galaxy’s Edge’s icon attraction is basically one giant Solo reference. In the film, Han and Chewie pull their first job with Beckett’s crew by robbing an Imperial train carrying coaxium, the fuel that makes hyperspace travel possible. At the end of the job, they learn just how explosive coaxium can be when it levels a mountain.

Fast forward 40 or so years into the future, and you’re pulling the same job with Hondo Ohnaka instead of Beckett. Whether you’re a pilot, a gunner, or an engineer, you’re robbing a train loaded with coaxium. In the end, you use the train’s explosion to destroy and escape an oncoming Star Destroyer.

See Them For Yourself

Did we miss any Solo references and connections to Galaxy’s Edge? You can check yourself by watching Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix. Disney+ users will have to wait until July 9th, 2020, for the film to join the streaming service.

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