Dark Legends cover art

Dok-Ondar’s Connection to the Dark Legends Book

Dok-Ondar’s connection to the Dark Legends book is interesting. Disney is slowly adding more content containing Galaxy’s Edge references. Dark...

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Disney World kyber crystals displayed behind the counter

Disney World Kyber Crystals Sold Behind the Counter at Dok-Ondar’s

Dok-Ondar is an incredibly influential figure on Batuu, but even he is not immune to the changes brought on by...

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Dok-Ondar at the Den of Antiquities

Character of the Week: Dok-Ondar

Dok-Ondar is an Ithorian collector who operates the Den of Antiquities in Black Spire Outpost. The Den of Antiquities is...

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A New Hope's Special Edition Poster Art

Batuu Bonds: 13 A New Hope References in Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars fans can agree on at least one thing. The movie that started it all, Episode IV: A New...

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Solo A Star Wars Story movie poster

Batuu Bonds: 5 Solo References and Connections to Galaxy’s Edge

Fans’ opinions on Solo: A Star Wars Story are mixed, to say the least. Some hate it. Some (myself included)...

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Review: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Comic Miniseries

When you hear the name Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you probably think of the incredibly popular addition to the Disney...

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