Top 10 Facts From The Lightsaber Collection

Lightsabers are iconic weapons in the Star Wars Universe. Here are the top 10 facts from the Lightsaber Collection book....

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New Legacy Lightsabers Announced for Galaxy’s Edge

Based on a report from Blog Mickey and confirmed by, new legacy lightsabers have been announced for Galaxy’s Edge,...

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RUMOR: Palpatine Lightsaber Coming to Galaxy’s Edge

Tonight, we took a trip to the Star Wars Trading Post at Disney Springs to check out the latest changes...

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New Legacy Lightsabers Coming To Galaxy’s Edge

As part of Disney’s big announcement this morning that Galaxy’s Edge merchandise is coming to shopDisney, it was announced that...

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The exterior of Savi's Workshop at Galaxy's Edge in Florida

Savi’s Workshop Closed By COVID…Sort Of.

The original Savi’s Workshop lightsaber building experience, a hallmark of the pre-COVID era of Galaxy’s Edge is currently unavailable. While...

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Green lightsaber blade with Yoda's hilt display in a case

Detachable Blade Lightsabers Now Available At Disney Store

While walking through our local mall this weekend, Lindsey and I stopped by the Disney Store to check out the...

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