Target Announces Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost Collection

Target Announces Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost Collection. The rumored Target-exclusive Galaxy’s Edge toy collection was announced this morning! Unveiled by, the partnership with Target sees exclusive merchandise inspired by Galaxy’s Edge coming next month to a galaxy not so far away.

Smugglers Run Millennium Falcon Vintage Collection

3.75" scale Millennium Falcon toy

The highlight of the collection so far is undoubtedly the Vintage Collection edition vehicle from Hasbro. This $400 vehicle/playset is massive, both in size and price. It comes with 2 figures – Hondo Ohnaka and Chewbacca – and a bunch of porgs as well. The figures are in a 3.75″ scale, but otherwise, look similar to the Black Series figures already available at the parks.

The ship itself includes sound effects and comes with both styles of radar dish. The set also includes an escape pod accessory, though it’s not immediately clear if it connects to the ship itself.

Exclusive Black Series Figures

Also announced were two exclusive Black Series figures for those who prefer Hasbro’s 6″ scale line. DJ R3X is a figure previously available in the parks as part of the Droid Depot figure set, while Captain Cardinal is a new figure. Captain Cardinal was first introduced in Delilah S. Dawson’s book Phasma and later played a role in Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire, also by Dawson. Both figures will set you back $24.99.

Hyperdrive Series BB Unit

BB unit droid with red and black accents

Droid Depot is an incredible experience, but with many being unable to visit Galaxy’s Edge it has eluded many kids. Now Target is bringing the fun home to you, with some limitations. The $99.99 remote controlled BB unit droid is of the same dimensions as the Droid Depot version but does not appear to have all the same features. We know for sure that the remote is different.

The announcement shows a white unit with red and black accents. This matches one of the available color schemes for BB units at Droid Depot. Whether or not other colors will be available was not included in the announcement.

I-TS Transport LEGO Set

We’ve discussed the Galaxy’s Edge LEGO set a few times, but now we know where you can buy it! The $99.99 set includes 3 mini-figures and a brick-built GNK droid.

UPDATE: It appears this item is not exclusive to Target, unlike the others. The I-TS Transport (75293) is also available for pre-order on lists the set as available on their site on September 1st.

LEGO build of the ITS Transport from Galaxy's Edge

R5 Funko POP!

This red R5 unit is a new mold from Funko. The description says this droid has been around since Scarif, but otherwise we know very little about it.

Red R5 Funko POP figue

Pre-Orders Available Now

More products are hinted at in the announcement, including clothing and books. The announced products hit stores on August 30th, but pre-orders are available now. May the Force be with you as you try to find what are sure to be hot commodities!

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