REVIEW: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 8, Together Again

The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 8, “Together Again” is the final episode in the Martez Sister/Ahsoka arc. As suspected many of the questions this arc has set up are answered by the end. How does Ahsoka feel about leaving the Jedi Order? What will the Martez sisters think when they find out Ahsoka is a Jedi? How will Rafa turn this situation around and square things up with the Pykes? How does Bo-Katan fit into the story?

Brief Synopsis

The trio is still imprisoned by the Pykes. Ahsoka comes up with a plan but does not reveal the details. She just insists that the sisters trust her. Ahsoka hatches a plan, she will use information about the Martez family as collateral while the sisters fly away, to get spice to pay back the crime lords. But little do the Pykes know that Trace and Rafa have no family. 

The Martez sisters set out to retrieve some spice. When they get to the spaceport they have a confrontation with one of the workers. Rafa uses her smooth, fast-talking skills to trick the workers into giving them spice. Meanwhile, Ahsoka eavesdrops on a message to the Pykes from Darth Maul. In the transmission, Maul reveals he is part of Crimson Dawn. When the sisters return, the Pykes reveal that Ahsoka is a Jedi. 

After the trio escapes and returns to Coruscant, Bo-Katan shows up with two other Mandalorians. She tells Ahsoka they have a common enemy, Maul. She asks Ahsoka for help and a few minutes later Ahsoka tells the sisters good-bye and boards Bo-Katan’s ship. 

Crimson Dawn Connection

Maul reveals himself as the leader of Crimson Dawn in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Crimson Dawn is a mysterious criminal organization led by Maul first revealed in Solo: A Star Wars Story and it’s tie-in novels and comics. During “Together Again,” Ahsoka eavesdrops on a holo call between the Pykes and Maul. Maul tells the Pyke leader, Krim, that even though the Pykes are a small part of the operation if they fail it could jeopardize everything.

Maul specifically mentions Crimson Dawn by name. Ahsoka is able to trace the transmission only to find out that Maul is on Mandalore. I was wondering how the siege of Mandalore would tie into this series. In the Ahsoka novel, we learn that Ahsoka was on Mandalore at the time of Order 66. At the end of the series, which is coming up soon, we suspect that Order 66 will play out.

Bo-Katan Reveals Herself

In the previous episode, we were pretty sure that one of the mysterious Mandalorians following Ahsoka was Bo-Katan. At the end of this episode one of the Mandalorians enters Traces garage and takes off its helmet and sure enough, it was Bo-Katan. She assures Ahsoka that she has nothing to fear because Death Watch is gone. She tells Ahsoka that they have a common enemy in the former Sith Lord Maul and that she needs Ahsoka’s help to defeat him.

I thought one of the best parts of this scene was at the end when Trace says that Ahsoka can help the Mandalorians like she helped the sisters. Ahsoka replies reluctantly because she is afraid that it could lead her back to the Jedi. Rafa says something very telling here she says to Ahsoka that is who she is meant to be. Ahsoka does not argue she actually agrees and then leaves with Bo-Katan. 

Overall Thoughts on this Arc

This arc was a total of four episodes. Honestly, it could have been compressed down to three, possibly even two. Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 8, “Together Again” seemed to rush to the end in order to finish the arc. I think it left a lot of questions still up in the air like how Ahsoka feels about the Jedi. 

One thing I did not like was that the Martez sisters were very much against the Jedi from the beginning of the story because of what happened to their parents, but once Ahsoka was revealed as one they seemed to change their tune rather quickly. The episode doesn’t give Ahsoka time to talk to them about her own complicated feelings on the subject. I would like to have known her current feelings about leaving the Jedi Order and how she feels about all that she has been through in this arc. If we were going to get four episodes with the sisters, we could have lost much of the last episode, combined it with this one, and left more time for follow-up before Bo-Katan shepards Ahsoka off to Mandalore.

The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 8: Together Again

7 Good

I liked this episode despite how it wrapped up the arc a little too quickly. It did set up the Siege of Mandalore, tied in Crimson Dawn, and set the stage for the end of the series. It left a lot of my questions unanswered. I wanted to know more about the sisters and Ahsoka’s feelings about the Jedi before rushing headfirst into the final battle of the Clone Wars.

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