New High Republic Character Details Revealed

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The official Star Wars website released new character details for The High Republic era yesterday. The details shed *just* a bit more light on the Jedi masters we’ll be following in this new era of Star Wars storytelling.

Not Just Humans

Loden Greatstorm concept art

While all of the characters are humanoid (4 limbs, walk upright, 2 limbs), not all of the Jedi are humans. Leading this wave of non-human Jedi is Loden Greatstorm, a Twi’lek male described as “one of the best teachers in the Jedi Order.” If you’re getting Yoda vibes from him, I don’t blame you. He looks like a taller version of the legendary Jedi master. This is particularly interesting given that Yoda was alive and very active during this era of the republic.

Greatstorm wields a yellow lightsaber, and is the only Jedi of this detailed bunch to do so. We first saw the yellow saber in canon with Rey’s new saber in The Rise of Skywalker, but don’t have full details on what it really means (in canon) yet, but expect them to be fleshed out in the first wave of novels and comics.

Examples and Teachers Galore

The Skywalker Saga era of Star Wars paints the Jedi as noble warrior monks, fighting battles they’d rather avoid but see as necessary. The new information goes out of its way to describe these new Jedi as prime examples of the Order and teachers. The Jedi of this time period are a stark contrast from the polarizing figures of The Clone Wars. As we move to a new era of Star Wars storytelling, it’s important to note that. We are finally getting to see the Jedi of legend, the Jedi at their peak.

Some may take this information as making the Jedi boring, but I see it as a chance to show how even the high and mighty Jedi of yore faced challenges and found ways to overcome them. How much they maintain their convictions will be key. The Skywalker Saga is ultimately about the Jedi Order’s struggle for identity during a great challenge. This new era is another, and will likely show just how the Jedi went from galactically iconic heroes to “traitors” and political scapegoats in a few hundred years.

Something For Everyone

Concept art for Vern Rwoh

The Jedi detailed in this new information are also not just adults. Included is Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh. This young Jedi Knight, one of the youngest Knights in a generation at only 16 years old, will be the focus of a teenage-targeted novel, A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland.

We will likely see Vern Rwoh in multiple stories. I expect she may be the Ahsoka of this era, an entry point for new readers and fans to latch on to and grow with. Clearly this new publishing initiative, with comics and books targeted at multiple reader types, has something for everyone.

These new High Republic character details are just the beginning of the informational push leading up to launch. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

Adam Soucie
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